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As I said in the video I went back to Rosedale to attend the opening of their new Diesel Training Facility to make you aware of some great opportunities in the diesel field. There seems to be quite the demand for diesel technicians so if you’re mechanically inclined and consider a career in the repair field you might look into the diesel programs in your area. I know it’s not practical for all of you to attend this school but look into the programs at your local vocational school or college and see what they have to offer. If you are in the area of this school I highly recommend it, it is after all where I went to school and I’ve had no regrets since then.

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21 thoughts on “Rosedale Technical Institute Diesel Training Center Opening -EricTheCarGuy

  1. The day that Education is free to mankind that's the day I will go to college are Trade in enjoy your shorten of man power.

  2. VAG (now 2nd biggest car maker in the world) is pushing diesel cars like crazy – they're even beginning to catch on in the states. Every second car I see in Europe is a diesel, and I'm talking about brands you have here in the US (BMW, Audi, VW). But you mostly just get the gas versions, so far. I think they – along with possibly Fiat and Renault – will start pushing these cars in the US soon. Probably somewhat different from those big commercial things but there has to be some similarities..?

  3. I can readily believe there is a desperate need for experts with diesel motors, especially where commercial vehicles are concerned.

    You wont have half the emission laws we have over here in Europe, but thanks to those laws diesels are getting so complex engineering wise and prices are getting so stupidly high (£1.55 per litre here in UK for diesel at local garage) company's will want every mile squeezing out per litre.

    And maintenance is a major player.

  4. I love Diesel engines, especially the mercedes Benz 5 Cylinder 2,5 L diesel engine including the 20 V version too both em REALLY and i mean REALLY reliable engines, some say its THE best engine ever made well sure its just about from 90HP (Standard) up to 111 or 115 HP with the Dual camshaft version, but god damn if you take care of them changing oil, check belts, pump, and all that regulure service crap exspect it to live longer then the freakin whole car!

  5. Since i live in europe and fuel is much more expensive than in america diesel engines are very common. In our technical schools a mechanic gain the knowledge to repair both types of engines. And to be honest the difference is not that much.

    The major minus of a diesel is its higher price. To compensate this higher car price with the cheaper fuel price you have to drive much miles a year.

    And to be honest, driving a diesel is no rocket science. The engine runs a lower rpm. thats all

  6. I don't understand why my comment translates into "hating" Eric. It doesn't make any sense. All I'm saying is disclose what interests you have in showing a particular school, car part, etc. if there are any. Its simple professionalism. Actually, Eric has done it in other videos supported by BBB industries.

  7. Hey eric, i have always wanted to become a mechanic! i have always been interested in the way diesel works, So i have desided to become a diesel mechainc.

  8. People…Eric just using Youtube in general is part of his Income. He makes money off every video you watch.

    WHO CARES if he made more for making an ad for a school he attended?! Why does that matter at all? Why does it matter if he advertises anything?

    I don't get it, and I see this everywhere on Youtube with people getting angry because the user plugs a brand name or something during the video. Grow up, we all have to make a living, some just make it smarter then others.

  9. Why do you care what he's doing? You're watching his videos for free, and he's taking his time to do all of these for us. This is his channel and his responsibility, not ours. Just be grateful there's people out in the world like Eric that do these things and stop bitching about every thing.

  10. just stop reading from a script. turns your voice monotone as fook.
    but srsly. this niggas is ballin'. wish the place i learned at had money like this. damn!

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