Rotary Datsun is BACK with it’s Best Mod Yet!

More power, launch control, and flat foot shifting! This thing is going to be even wilder than it already was. Bummed it rained – but stoked to get it back on track!
Use “ADAMVH700” at for 5% off.



46 thoughts on “Rotary Datsun is BACK with it’s Best Mod Yet!

  1. @Vargas – I know the USD is going to shit but damn bro save those 2 quarters as collectibles since that is all the USD will be worth!

  2. Adam what happened to the old Honda nsx steering wheel , I think it was a momo but I thought it would suit my corrado , how much will u take for it if u still have it😊

  3. listen im a huge fan been watching forever but i just recently went into Zumiez to buy a t shirt and I was disappointed in the price of a t shirt all i wanted was 2 t shirts and i was down 135 dollars. Not gonna lie that upset me a lil

  4. Bro it can always be worse just keep your head up and you can now take the awd setup out the crv and do a 5speed swap im site you have a spare fwd transmission around

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