Rotary Datsun – The Wheelie Challenge!

Now that the wheel hop is gone – itโ€™s time for some traction mods! Will an LSD and some sticky Nittos be enough? Letโ€™s find out!



42 thoughts on “Rotary Datsun – The Wheelie Challenge!

  1. shock limiters are what drag racers use to actually stop wheeling. you want as much shock travel as possible to let the weight transfer as far back so it has an easier time picking the front end up. Also you may have mentioned it but if you could 2 step to load the engine you'd pop wheelies all day.

  2. Smells like jdm. Adam the fanboy must think japan uses different gear oil. Put adams picture under fanboy in the dictionary. You dont deserve any of this

  3. As soon as he asked how to take the 3rd member off I started yelling why don't you Google or YouTube it. Hahahahahaha. Pull the axle shafts

  4. Watching you try to pull the 9โ€ apart all wrong is painful ๐Ÿ˜– I know you have to learn things and it makes for content ๐Ÿ˜…

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