Rotary Datsun’s Most important Mod Yet + Cutting up the Supra

Back home and ready to dive back in to 2 of the many pending projects. Our signature shift knobs JUST DROPPED and are available at
Every $5 spent on or gets you entered for a chance to win an ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP for you and a friend to attend a stop of the LZ World Tour.



22 thoughts on “Rotary Datsun’s Most important Mod Yet + Cutting up the Supra

  1. This video radiates happiness and chillness.
    I love how they just drifted the e36 for 20 minutes.
    Pure joy man.

  2. I have 2 of those 318ti’s one running with a title, and one clean parts car no title. Also have full sikki ls swap kit. I’ll sell them both if you wanna make a couple compound cars!

  3. Wicked burnout from the bro Owen! Love the team and what this compound is coming too 🙏 the future for this channel and all involved is unfathomable! We’re all proud to be a part of this legacy to see it grow into something special as it has been for years 💯💯💯

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