Sketchiest Drifting Yet at The LZ Compound

So grateful we’re able to do this in our own backyard!
Thanks to WD-40 Brand for sponsoring today’s video!
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38 thoughts on “Sketchiest Drifting Yet at The LZ Compound

  1. Lol I feel bad for Adam's neighbors.. they made noise during the day and then still the entire night also.. sheeesh.. car people won't mind, but other people..

  2. Why don’t you just buy an industrial wet vacc. Run the discharge line into a lower area not on the concrete and run the suction side on the lowest spot on the concrete…..

  3. im so confused you said R2 20 ? what diff is this really im sorry if i missed but been playing back and all ive heard was r2 20 and google search sucks for it . but i only have one r200 and shes mint but i need more longevity route …

  4. What an insane early 2000’s vibe this video was. Just reminds me of the old school Aussies or Japanese ripping it on some back road in the woods 🙌🏼

  5. Same as myself Pizza is just as important as the fun in the car 👌💯 some solar powered wee lights for the edge of the grass would look sick 👌 ther cheap and ypu just sick them in the grass 💯🤙

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