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The inflator retails for $75.99 on J&B Tool sales site. Here’s a link if you want to check it out.

Personally, I think ‘Slime’ is a stupid name for something like this, but it’s not all in the name. In fact, it’s if it can do everything it says it does that’s important. In the case of the Slime inflator I thought it did just that. It was easy to hook up, quiet, and it didn’t take that long at all to inflate the tire that I inflated in this video. So yes, I can say that the Slime inflator does what it says it does. I think this would be ideal to throw in the back of your vehicle ‘just in case’, but I also think it would be nice to have for camping or if you’re on the hunt for a ‘barn find’ that’s been sitting since 1982 with flat tires. Ever try to push a vehicle with flat tires? It sucks, trust me.

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  1. Ha. I'm not alone. You didn't find the second switch (for the LED) until you were finished pumping the tire. I had the opposite problem. I set it up and couldn't figure out why the LED would go on but my compressor wouldn't start. It is disappointing that the switches are not labeled and the instructions do not explain that there are two switches. Anyone who uses this inflator: keep in mind, there are two switches on this unit.

  2. Do those dual cylinders actually make a difference in inflating the tire faster? Also if you jack up the car and get the weight off the tire, it will inflate the tire faster and put less strain on the compressor.

  3. Thanks. I considered this today, but I don't like the gauge location. I watched your vid to see where the gauge connects to. Nope, I want my gauge on the inflator. I will keep looking. My old BonAire that I love gave up the ghost. Plus I need a regular 12 volt plug, not clamps. I have to fill tires on a motorhome, so need the length to go from my cab rather than under the hood. Thanks again, you just saved me around $75.00!

  4. i bought one and am amazed. I've had smaller models that make a lot of noise and don't do anything or should I say very little in comparison to this product. It's a keeper! Recommended. i also don't care for the name but it's a good product.

  5. I really wasnt too sure what to expect from this tiny lil bugger.. but im actually quite impressed with it✒>まd    Ive used the light/tire inflator/flasher auto inflators in the past with not that great of results.. they seem to take forever to inflate.. this thing albiet using on a motorcycle tire not a car tire.. is rather quick and not as noisey as the forementioned units. overall im very happy with my purchase and it lives in my saddlebags. We live in the high desert and tempuratures play hell on tire pressure here, we can start the day at 45 deg and hit 102 by 2pm. If your on the fence about the quality or validity of this little pump, I think youll be pleasently surprised and as satisfied as I am.

  6. I
    It seems decent but of you have a weak battery or even a new battery then youll end up with a dead car and a flat in the middle of nowhere. So, everyyime you use it car should be runing.

  7. You better read the instructions, no start of car while using. After running for 10 minutes turn it off so it can cool, about 15 minutes.

  8. I love mine. One of the best $45 I ever spent. My rim is slightly bent so about once a week I was having to either pay at a gas station or use one of the junky free pumps some of the gas stations have, then I was using a cheap $8 inflator that took a very long time to top off the tire. This nice one takes just seconds, and I bought the one that comes with the tire sealant if I ever need it.

  9. I used to have one of those pumps not that particular one but after a while with aluminum rims losing air pressure more in the fall and winter , the air pressure sensor coming on in the dash I just opted to get one that was battery operated, self contained battery-operated pump .. finding myself just throwing the whole pump in the trunk without rolling up the cord

  10. Them are good little air compressors I've had one for 2 years and it's still good I've pumped up big tractor tires truck, tires car, tires quad tires, you name it but they should have called it a Timex takes a licking and keeps on ticking

  11. I have the slime elite hd 40046 air pump. It's pretty nice to have a 2300 cubic inch per minute air compressor that will last you a long time even if you only have a small car. Since I have a good air compressor, I no longer need to change a flat tire unless there is a blowout or sidewall puncture.

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