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Link for purchase $177.00:

Harbor Freight 1/2 ton stand $59.99:

There really is no comparison between these 2 tools. I just used the Harbor Freight stand as a frame of reference to differentiate between a 1/2 ton model and a 1 ton model. I probably should have mentioned in the video that if the engine had ‘spun’ on the stand as it did in the Mustang Engine Pull video, it probably would have fallen over. Here’s a link to that video.

Mustang Engine Pull:

My only regret is not getting a model with a hand crank. Thing is, that unit doesn’t have the same capacity as this one does. Half in fact.

Sunex 8300GB 1/2 Ton Stand:

That said, I’m very happy with my new engine stand and I’m looking forward to using it to build my 306.

Take some time and figure out which engine stand would be right for you.

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25 thoughts on “Sunex 8400 1 Ton Folding Engine Stand Review -EricTheCarGuy

  1. How I set up is, sanded off the paint on the tubes installed a couple zerks and greased them then mount the ears on the back side of the face to bring the center of gravity back a bit and the ears have the plate to support the weight more efficiently. My .02.

  2. I tried a half ton with my 350… Being that it's a heaping chunk of cast iron it drooped so bad that I was scared to even let the cherry picker loose, definitely need that other version you are talking about, thanks for the review

  3. Okay, so I just bought one of these. I have four L4 blocks I need to work on out of the cars (three Accords and an old Volvo), so this will be great for me in my workspace. However, I bought it for my Jeep's L6 4.0L and am hoping it is stable enough to not tip forward with the fully dressed engine on it right side up. It is heavy, but not so much so, @ about 550 lbs. However, it is really long, so all that weight is multiplied greatly as it goes past the front casters. Any suggestions on dealing with this? It may live on the stand for a year. Wood stacked up beneath the front of the oil pan, perhaps, when stored?

    HELP! 😉 (Great video, by the way…)

  4. I thought I had a good engine stand, until I put a 300 straight 6 on it.. Lol and to be honest, I've had both big, and small blocks on it with no problem..

  5. Eric, if you use a short chain (like 10cm – 4inches) on your engine crane, instead of just hooking the engine directly to that crane hook, you'll have much, much easier time putting the engine on the stand.


    This is the 1 ton Harbor Freight Engine Stand that is identical to the Sunex and a coupon can be found for free or purchased on Ebay making the price only $99.99. That's a savings of about $80 from the stand you reviewed that is IDENTICAL to Harbor Freight's. Don't believe me? Click on the link to prove me wrong.

    You can find the coupons in magazines in a book store or anywhere else they sell guy magazines.

  7. This is a pretty ironic video. I bought that exact Harbor Fright engine stand for my Dodge 440 engine to mount and disassemble. When I lowered the crane, it just kept bending and bending some more, and I had to put a 2×4 under the crank snout to keep it from going down to a 45º angle, which it seemed it might sink to. It was a half ton, or 1,000 lb stand, so I figured it could easily handle the roughly 750 lb engine. Nope, apparently Chinese pounds are different than US pounds. So I returned it and got a folding Larin Big Red stand, which looks nearly if not identical to your Sunex, and handled the big block Dodge like a champ. I replaced the supplied hardware with gold grade 8 from the hardware store for extra peace of mind. The thing's a tank.

  8. Seems like companies like Sunex would make it so there equipment could be used together for ease of use. Example engine hoist and stand would line up better, or be able to slide under one another so they wouldn't get caught up in each other, to make insertion of the engine into stand so difficult.

  9. what you can do to turn the engine more easily is put oil on the pole and get a bigger handle bar so you have more leverage when you turn it

  10. If you were to hang the engine from the hoist at the same angle as the engine stand mount, wouldn't it slip on like butter? Maybe calibrate your hoist using two chains so when you pull an engine, it will automatically hang at the correct engine stand angle.

  11. You're doing it wrong. The easiest way is to lift the engine high enough that the stand won't touch the ground. Pick the stand up off the ground and it slides right on. Give that a try and see if it's not easier.

  12. Hey Eric just wondering. When you do your engine build video. I built my engine a few years ago but the idiots who sold me some of the press pins for the timing chain tensioner guides sold me ones that were too short. I ended up brazing some longer ones in place but was wondering what you would do in this situation?

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