Supercharged our NSX in record time!

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Science of Speed supercharger kit on 3.0 widebody NSX!



35 thoughts on “Supercharged our NSX in record time!

  1. That exhaust sounds good when rising up in rpm but that vibration' kinda sound when you let off 🀒. Idk much about nsx but I'm sure there's a good exhaust system out there for the future winner to mix things up and make the car their own.

  2. Fun Fact, Tikka Masala was first made in the UK as people here thought traditional tikka was too dry, so they added a masala sauce to compensate. So even your standard indian order, isn't fully indian aha

  3. Calling it now if hes gonna do something big or crazy Japan seems like the place he'd do it whether that be a secret car or taking the plunge who knows we'll see

  4. Ok here's a future build idea for ya Johan, and it would have been a perfect rare-ish swap for the NSX! Find a low mileage 1GZ FE (Mike's Century) or around 4-5 k on e-bay, build it out and swap it into "any" 2 door sports car…. Smokey Nagata built one into a MK4 (of course) and with 5k worth of forged internals and twin turbo's it made over 1k hp with an instant power band throughout the whole rpm range. He ran it at 197 mph on the A1 in the UK at 4 am in wet conditions and got caught, then deported. I've always wanted to see some one build one with ITB's instead of turbos and get that F-1 sound! NGL the i-VTEC V6 w/supercharger sound's raspy AF, maybe some resonators?

  5. Adam being so drift focused and his level of builds being the way they are attention to detail and knowledge for the jz platform it would be cool to see a jz drift car give away.

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