Taking a step back from Formula Drift…

A tough decision – but one that I am confident is for the best. It will make a lot more sense in a few weeks! LESS THAN 3 DAYS LEFT TO GET ENTERED FOR A CHANCE TO WIN THE R33 – http://LZMFG.com For more news and updates on the S650 Mustang RTR, go to



37 thoughts on “Taking a step back from Formula Drift…

  1. why do i feel like the third driver for rtr is no other than tj hunt, as far as i remember i saw a clip or two in his video where he mentioned something about a race program

  2. Hey everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you all whom has been so supportive of Adam and myself and the entire RTR team. It is really cool to see everyone’s positive thoughts and perspective. Many of you seem to get the type of “ people” our team and I am. We do it different. While “business” is needed to pay the bills the relationship Adam has built with us and me personally goes beyond that and while I am “successful”, I am not driven by money, I am driven by passion and doing cool shit with cool/good people. I am not “media trained” I speak from the heart which is not the norm these days so some are confused by it. What you see is what you get with me and it’s very cool to see that many of you “get it”. I think it is very big of Adam to step back and focus on the many things he has ahead of him. Priorities change and that is ok, it’s not ok when you live life going through the motions doing something when you should be putting that effort elsewhere . Just to clarify some of the thoughts mentioned in the comments, I am not disappointed in Adam, I am a big supporter of people prioritizing time effort and energy. We have a solid friendship and business relationship that will continue to evolve however it shall. No matter where that ends up in the future I will be rooting for and supporting his success and I know he will be rooting for and supporting ours as it’s bigger then competing in drifting. I am pumped to see him put his heart into the 4 rounds that he will compete in this year and carry the momentum that he ended the season with. Stay tuned for some fun news about what will be going on with the car he is driving for the rest of the season. Once again, thank you for the love and support to the many of you that give it to our team and I. We are grateful and humbled. See you all soon! 👊

  3. Vaughan embodies what it means to be responsible yet optimistic about work and life or career paths. If more people can get into cars and find the passion and joy, people like him come around to bless you in way so that you can bless other people in turn. A teacher never retires 😈🐉

  4. Well at least Adam is consistent. He is always a huge disappointment. Not sure why he is being such a sissy and not just hanging in to do a full season. It'd not like his YouTube thing is all that great.

  5. Can't wait for all the "has LZ gone yet?" comments in the FD live streams when he will only be doing half a season, should be even more annoying then usual. Not sure why you even bother competing if you are only doing half a season, as it seems like a waste (other then exposure I guess) of time and resources, but its not my money.

  6. TR RTR…..calling it now. Its sad to not get a full season but I'm glad its working out for half a season still! Hope you still make it to Jersey! Big things to come this year from what we saw at the end of the season last year. Stoked to see what else happens I'm always here for it.

  7. Vaughn is seriously an awesome guy. Very down to earth. I'll always remember at fd texas 2k15 in the middle of working on the car and getting ready for qualifying he took time to chat with me about the car and the program. Mind you this was outside of the alloted time for autographs and meet and greet. And throughout the entire event we would chat briefly. Vaughn if you see this it was a pleasure to meet you and I'm very grateful you made time to chat. Hope to see you again someday buddy!

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