The Basic Parts of an Automatic Transmission (Part 2)

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This is part two of my front wheel drive (FWD) automatic transmission dissection video. In this video I cover the operation of clutches, bands, accumulators, clutch drums, the oil pump, the valve body, valves, check balls, seals and ‘o’ rings, as well as the construction and function of many of the internal hard parts of an automatic transmission. To be honest a rear wheel drive transmission isn’t much different as many of the basic components are the same. I guess what I’m saying is that you could use the information in this video to have a basic understanding of a rear wheel drive automatic transmission also. It is just a basic overview of the main components. I don’t get into theory and operation so much. Just the general operation and identification of the parts. I may make more videos on this topic based on the comments I get so feel free to ask questions and perhaps I’ll answer them in a future video on this topic. There will also be a separate video on the parts and operation of the torque converter as well. When that is posted I’ll post links below to that video.

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Torque converter dissection:

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50 thoughts on “The Basic Parts of an Automatic Transmission (Part 2)

  1. Very fantastic and down to earth educational videos. Thank you so much for making it! You are great!

  2. Good video on parts of an automatic transmission and how they work. Eric the car guy easily explained. Keep up the good stuff and of course stay dirty. I know I will.

  3. I'm gonna drive a manual and avoid this headache. You auto trans drivers are brave af 😂. One seal leaks and you lose a clutch pack or torque converter clutch. If you gonna drive automatics long term, the transmission design must be very reliable.

  4. Man so many years after you are helping people I thank you for this video I really want to learn to repair these….Thank alot man greatly appreciated.

  5. As a woman who knows fuck all about cars… I love your videos Eric. Thankyou for breaking everything right down and explaining in layman's terms.

  6. If you are in the Denver area and need transmission service, Detroit Transmission. These guys are unbelievably helpful, and they do great work.

  7. Let's pretend that the weak points of this Toyota automatic transmission are the bushings in the transmission pump stator, that wear out prematurely: in your opinion, what accelerates the most this phenomenon? For example: driving almost always in hilly or montainous areas? Lack of maintenance, like a drain and fill every 60.000 kilometers, plus ATF filter replacement? Spirited driving?

  8. The valve body is a mechanical logic circuit; the result of a lot of tedious math and engineering a physical object to model those equations. I assume newer transmissions, especially CVTs, replace that with a computer.

  9. ngl, im just here because my dad is an asshat and wants me to become a mechanic so im just watching videos about car shit

  10. this has been very helpful to me , I just have had a gear shift problem but i know where to touch because replacement is better than buying new gearbox, this good work

  11. better to replace rather than repair. Labor charge would be much higher having you pull the whole thing apart, digging through the entire unit. swap with a new one is bound to be cheaper, right?

  12. hello eric i have 98 accord automatic and i recently replaced the trans with jdm trans and there is a delayed response in shift from park to drive and when put in reverse it makes noise and when i come to a stop it slams into gear before i accelerate, also when i put it it park the key won’t come out until i move the car forward a little. i’m all out of options. thanks

  13. Outstanding vídeo, for a person that says not AT expert, your performance is just staggering, I have learned a lot. Thank you and best regards from Brazil.

  14. Good video dude, I'm trying to learn about automatic transmission because they are the only real mystery that remains, aside from absolutely every single other thing regarding the universe and everything in it…

  15. Those are wet clutches just like in any manual motorcycle transmission. The only thing that makes it confusing is the actuation and release mechanism which is the valve body and solenoids and "what not"…and "what not"…

  16. Why does this happen? I take road trips because I enjoy it and dont know everything about these systems and so by driving myself I ruin transmissions and unable to pay for one, no idea where its really located and really no clue that I would be burning the insides with an overheated radiator. I fell dumb and reckless, Im nearly broke, no savings, no job. At least I know how this works afterwords

  17. Thank you Eric for the video it's very interesting
    You are are the man in the neighborhood.
    I hope people lern from this video that they need to change tha transmission oil more often so the transmissions can last longer because most of people just like to seat and drive and they forget about the maintenance.
    Cars are like woman that they need some regular love.
    I would like to take one apart but it looks to dificult to put it back together the rightway and if it doesn't work we're fucked with all the wasted time I rather just get a remanufactured one
    But if some day i take one apart it's definitely going to be just for fun.

  18. Eric, one of your best videos; you're down-to-earth, awesome intellect, and above all, your willingness to share your knowledge in a humble but dignified way! Blessings!, learn from him, you jerks out there putting shitty videos that leave one dangling .. !

  19. Hey Mr Eric; question for ya. I have a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country which i'd like to keep until the world ends (for me anyway). I do my own repairs as much as i can. My question is, If I ever decide to service my transmission for the experience, where would i purchase the clutch gears. I realized that my transmission has slippage around second gear. I'm beginning to understand the greed of Car companies for example: my manual informs me to change my transmission fluid and filter at 100,000 miles which i did but now realize that I should have done it at 50,000 miles (sick joke on me). Any input is greatly appreciated and also let me thank you very much for your videos. Just in case my email is Mike Fisher.

  20. This is so fascinating, but at the same time so scary to think that companys think its a good idea to hand out such a complex object to the public. Like if that valve body locks up or if one of those clutches slip, good luck.

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