The Datsun’s MAJOR problem I’ve been hiding…

I’ve had a lot of fun tinkering with it… even knowing the current state of the engine. Still motivated to keep on chugging along!



27 thoughts on “The Datsun’s MAJOR problem I’ve been hiding…

  1. Make sure there is nothing inside the house as well. Had a car that kept overheating after an engine was swapped. Chased it for a while and when I removed the lower rad hose there was a plug for the inlet of the motor. It was put on by the place that sold the motor to protect it and never removed when it was swapped. It was causing similar issues.

  2. Bro you have nothing to explain to us. It wasn't that big of a deal. If you don't know something then you don't know. That's how you learn by making mistakes. If people can't understand that then that is their fault. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone. Keep doing you and learn the best way you know how.

  3. I'm lucky to have a dad that knows a bunch about cars and has always helped me learn. If I had never had someone show me how to pull a 9 inch, and the videos I could find were 8.8s, I would be very confused as well. That's why you make the big bucks. I would never post a video of me learning shit and messing up on the way. But that's why most of us started watching this channel. Watching someone learn from the ground up is the content people want.

  4. Loving this!!! Working on engines, before the days of computers, was all the 6 senses— 6th was that gut feeling about the other 5 being wrong.
    Todays tech is amazing! 🙂🙏

  5. The coolant pipe gets rock hard because coolant pipes build pressure. When the coolant gets hot it expands. My Volvo 240 and my Civic do the same thing and they aren't modified.

  6. Add a spring inside of the lower hose to keep it from collapsing like older domestic brands do and definitely add more timing back at idle and tone down the IACV in the tune (or replace it if it’s not responding) I’m not a rotary guy but just about every piston engine likes 12°+ at idle

  7. I think the car just doesn’t have enough cooling system. It stays cool while it’s moving cuz it has air moving over the radiator but when it’s not moving the small radiator and the single fan isn’t enough to keep it cool. Just my guess anyway…

  8. No thermostat will do it. It's not having enough time to let it cool. It's constantly heating the water. I bet money if you put a thermostat in it now that you have a good fan it will be ok

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