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In the past year I’ve been sent a ton of automotive electronic gadgets for review. I’ve had a hard time working them into the review schedule so I decided to bundle them into this single overview video. This is not a review per se, but more of an introduction to some of the items I’ve been sent over the past year.

To be honest, I’d like to get away from reviewing these types of products. Yes, they are a lot of fun, but I’d rather stick to tools and items that are related to auto repair over automotive convenience items.

Camera: Brian Kast

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NoCo Genius Boost Jump Starter:

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AGPTec Bluetooth 4.1 Audio Interface:

Ecoman Heads Up Display:

Venture R1 Dash Cam:

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Advance Portable Dash Cam (mirror):

Dome G90 Dash Cam:

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38 thoughts on “The Electronics Special 2015 -EricTheCarGuy

  1. About 25 years ago, a good friend of mine gave me a tire pressure gauge as a Christmas gift. He said it had "this new kind of battery that lasts forever". I honestly didn't believe the companies statement…but I still use it to this day. It's spent many years in the glovebox no matter what the temp…and it's perfectly accurate.

  2. the battery boosters are not super capacitors but they have lithium batteries in them. great video thanks for the info

  3. I like all my little gadgets in my car, I have a sub and upgraded sound system, bluetooth, magnetic phone holder with a charger, jumper battery with a small air compressor, rear view camera on the rear view mirror, remote starter and security system, radar detector, dash cam, and a tire gauge like the second one you showed. To me that stuff comes in handy all the time. Also I really like the suction cups with the locking mechanism, they hold on for dear life.

  4. I'm a bit late to this party, but, There are plenty of music creators who let YouTubers use their music for free. Approaching Nirvana is one of them. Look em up.

    Sugar High is not only a decent track; it's got a lot of range and is great for testing speakers/sound quality.

  5. wow the 6000 one is only 85 bucks right now. Very affordable for the added measure of safety. If it were smaller I'd buy it as a rear view camera for my bike! 😀

    Handy for a lot of reasons. Say you have a lot of neighborhood kids who might be behind your older car or your depth of field isn't great or whatever.

    If they ever make it with a night camera that is better than the human eye (like an ultraviolet camera) then it'd be perfect … or like the missile system which seems to average out an IR cam with an UV cam and get a camera that can see through fog and clouds. I see a lot of safety potential in the future line of this product if any one listens and pervs don't take the see in the dark cameras into places they should not.

  6. one more thing — you mentioned these items getting ripped off. You should find one that uses its camera for security, too, so when the car is parked it can also protect itself and your car by texting or calling your phone if broken into. Or maybe even a proximity sensor. just thinkin' aloud……………

  7. 19:30 that could be very pragmatic for an RV or large vehicle where you normally have blind spots. I drove a very large highly custom sealcoating truck for a summer job and it could be quite a challenge at times. 429 big block

    21:51 close up of the creatures living in your beard. beardcam!

    22:58 speaking of a trailer hitch is there enough cable to put it on the rear rearmost end of the trailer? That could be a big help in the safety dept, especially having one on the safety chains. The camera would be ideal if it was wireless/wifi/bluetooth.

    I'm not HUGE on gadgets but when they serve a good purpose then its worth buying. Like my jbl charge 2 for biking music is practically invaluable. It sits in my water bottle cage and is so perfect as a walkman replacement plus it increases my safety by leaving me the ability to hear cars as compared to wearing earbuds or headphones.

    Maybe that is where you should draw your reviewing line — items that increase consumer safety because cars kill more people every day than guns do in a year yet guns still get more newsplay.

  8. 2:20 the genius boost, you talk about throwing it in the back and I can see that being very practical but most of the high amp batteries these days have low internal resistance meaning they self-discharge fast so if you throw that in the back and a month later you car dies will it even work? (this is VERY common in MN this time of the year. Plenty of cars run around with their alternator having one dead diode and it charges OK all summer then come winter it seems to "die suddenly' when really the system has been inadequate for months and its why I prefer an analog voltmeter gauge instead of the idiot light. Idiot lights are only for idiots 🙂

    6:01 useless heavy tire gauge. I still have mine from when I worked at amoco in my teen years. Wish I had one that did presta valves and I hate batteries in crap like that plus they are rarely durable enough.

    I just found your channel. Excellent vids & the fellow who said a spring loaded center punch makes a great window breaking tool is right. has them cheap and everyone should have one in the center console especially when the land of 10,000 lakes often has them right near roads. People have drowned and dies in ditches because they couldn't get out of their car once wounded after an accident. Cheap insurance if you ask me, as they are like $5.

    9:36 bad for the phone to put it in front of the heat vent because heat and dirt are what kill electronics. Only use it if you have a phone replacement product or when running AC. (yeah, I'm an electronic trained tech, went to college for avionics)

    9:54 I found that out the hard way. One vid uploaded and because I had spotify running in the background it thought I was trying to upload copyrighted material. Now my vids take forever and often do not upload at all even when I leave it going all day and all night long.

    12:21 bluetooth rocks! I can take phone calls via my bike while biking because I own the jbl charge 2.

  9. "These dash cams are very popular in Europe where they have corrupt officials". Excuse me? I think you're confusing Europe with Russia. Apart from it being quite offensive and showing off an innate ignorance usually reserved for Americans it's also quite untrue.
    Yes, there are people using dash cams here, but they are few and far between. The reason being mostly that in an accident the footage is inadmissible and has no legal value.

  10. By the amount of views you've gotten with this video, you may want to re- consider not doing any more electronic reviews? I'm thinking that you (Eric The Car Guy) are thinking the same thing…. (:

  11. I've used dash cams in my car for a few years now and the thing you have to keep in mind are a few things, the dual cameras is neat but not as useful as you might think because they record on separate files, so you won't get both front and rear videos in one video file, also, the GPS, again its neat, but most of them are limited from the software you have to use for the GPS to be functional. What I've learned from trying out different dash cams is that all you need is "enough" features to cover your end without getting yourself in trouble. The GPS will record your driving speed, if you were driving to fast, that can be a problem, I don't use it, the rear camera, seems neat but someone hitting you from behind is usually that person's fault anyway. Just get a simple HD dash cam that records audio well and make sure its a capacitor version, not a battery. People are finding out that those batteries explodes because of the summer heat and manufacturers are starting to switch over to capacitor versions, sure, you can't record video when the car is off, but we have smartphones now anyway for video/pictures for outside the cars anyway. The one I use is called the B40C and its designed to stay in the car with the 3M red tape on the glass so it doesn't come off, unlike those suction cup mounts, it has the option for GPS but I don't use it. Plus the way I have it mounted in my car is pretty hard to notice because I have it right behind my rear view mirror and I have the wiring hidden. I got mine for about $60.

  12. I like that Advance dual camera mirror and am considering for my Class B rv. one question, approximately how long is that cable for the rear camera? I know you said it was long, but I need about 25 feet+ so I can hide the cable.

  13. This is more like classic Eric, jovial, non-pretentious with that sharp dry wit only Eric can deliver. In the past few years he has gotten away form this sadly in favor of a new formal corporate type talk. I myself prefer the old Eric.

  14. just carry some old bits of sparkplug in your pockets at all times for breaking windows and magnetic strips inside with a bowie knife and swiss army knife on them for seat belt cutting and roadside repairs.

  15. the only thing i want to point out about some electronics near the rear view mirror on GM vehicles can cause issues with key-less entry and tire pressure monitoring system when powered up… I had an equinox come into the shop a while back with tire pressure problem and it ended up being a cheap dash cam on the windshield that had to be operating on the same frequency that the sensors transmit causing them to drop out….

  16. Those cameras aren't really popular in Europe. But they are extremely popular in Russia. Ukraine too I guess. But around Europe, I have yet to see one person that has it. Actually I only saw one guy with it, and he was from Russia. Go figure…

  17. Eric and Brian – for the few videos in which you end up having to worry about music copyright, it would've been beneficial to use royalty free music. I'm sure you could download a few tracks after an easy search query. Royalty free, no worries!

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