The FD S15 Returns – New Liveries, Testing + More!

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31 thoughts on “The FD S15 Returns – New Liveries, Testing + More!

  1. I wonder what Adams long term goals are with FD, doesn’t seem like he’s enjoying it, yet I guess it’s the case of not missing out. No where near comfortable in a mustang chassis compared to an s chassis. I would’ve thought that a mustang or v8 drift build would’ve happened in the lz shop by now… is he making a private return and not seeing RTR as a long term future?

  2. @adam you mentioned you run all of your cars without a BOV? Have you found this to damage any of your turbos in anyway? Is it safe to run. Im curious as I'm planning to turbo a carb motor. Blow-through set up without a BOV. So just curious about turbo longevity.

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