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As some of you that have seen some of my older videos know, removing coil springs from struts can be dangerous and a pain in the backside. Monroe Quick Struts are a great solution to this problem. Not only do you get a new strut, but you also get a new spring and upper mount. In essence, you renew the entire assembly as a unit. This makes strut replacement easier and safer. Not to mention they aren’t that much more expensive than just a naked strut. So the next time you need to replace the struts in your vehicle, I suggest you check out Monroe Quick Struts. They might just save you a bunch of headaches.

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31 thoughts on “The Monroe QuickStrut Advantage -EricTheCarGuy

  1. Hey Eric, I just replaced the front struts with KYB quick struts and they're noisy as hell. The tech at Tire Outlet says the bearing plats are defective. Having issues returning them so I am considering just replacing the mounting hardware. Do you think this will solve the noisiness of a bad bearing plat?

  2. I concur totally……I got into an argument with a spring compressor once…..ONCE!!! After that I determined that the extra cost of the QSA is offset by reduced labor and potentially reduced cost of your medical deductible. Either but a QSA or take to a shop with a professional hydraulic spring compressor. The twist ones are too easy to get confused and lose count. The springs have to be compressor EVENLY as in five turns one side five turns the other and back and forth……too much chance of a 5-5,5-5,5-6,5-5,5-7, 1,2,3,4?5,17…1,2,3,4,5,6….you get the idea

    Hydraulic spring compressors that a modern shop SHOULD have have more safety features either safety cage or a set point to allow even compression!

  3. I bought these fully assembled struts and I was wondering if you tighten the center screw or the cap screw, if you keep on torqueing that down will it lower your car? By time you answer this I will have probably done mess something up I'm going to try it see what happens lol nm the thread only goes so far right?

  4. I did a mistake because i did not use quick strut. I changed only the chocks. Since Its dangerous job, i went to mechanic to decompress the strut to put the new chocks Monroe. I put the strut with new chocks, there is still clunking and noise on the left side and my steering was loose, I went to mechanic, they told me you should buy quick strut because it has all components because maybe my strut mounting is starting to wear or the coil spring is a bit sagging. So anyway quick strut is easiest safest saving money and you dont have to say after you put your strut which is not an easy job takes hours to put them that something is miss. Now i have to buy quick one so no headeache.

  5. Monroe Quick struts ARE GARBAGE! i'm surprised you are recommending them-maybe a sponsorer of yours? they barely lasted 2 years! and I baby my car, and i only put 10,000 Miles on it every year. i bought them cause it said on them, "assembled in the USA"! i guess they do assemble garbage in the USA too, not just in China, Mr. Trump! Anyway, heed my warning, Monroe quick struts are garbage. money down the drain. for a DIY your time is worth something, dont waste it on these. buy KYBs, and get the job done, and forget about it for 4-5 years.

  6. Monroe OESpectrumstruts front and rear installed to my 2003 Highlander, drive smooth like sit on air, the best ever, Monroe all the way for me!

  7. I replaced all 4 factory shocks/springs with Monroe 'not quite top line' "Quik-Strut" for a 2000 Corolla lately. I had the 4 shipped to my home and on the same period one day, a mobile mechanic installed 4 refurbished/warranted fuel injectors and then the 4 new struts. Pay the man to do it… it is not a DIY job. It is knuckle-busting work and you can get badly hurt … let a skilled mechanic do it. My Corolla had never had the shocks replaced in 275K miles…. I was way overdue.

  8. i changed my front strut ass for monroes and back shock too, but while the front is good, the back rides rough/bouncy.

  9. Hello! question my car is 2008 Toyota Corolla 10900 mile , and I just buy the new strut front ,of them right and left I put that? did I need to go do rotation my car after they put that together !

  10. When using any quick strut assembly. be sure to check the diameter of the spring wire between OE and replacement. You want it to be within 1% or so of each other or you will experience noticable changes in ride quality. if the new one is thicker the front end will sit higher and the ride will be rougher, if its thinner, you will get the opposite effect. A common problem with cheap chinese ebay special struts. Stick to well known name brands who are more likely to put out a good product in the first place, and if not, will stand by their product.

  11. I got 4 for a 2000 Corolla that I bought new (275K miles ago !) and a local mechanic has installed them. Some things are a one-time job and why go through all that work and some danger when a skilled mechanic can do it fast ? These are 'knuckle-busting' work and you need a lift and air wrench and skills and a method. NOT a DIY project…. pay a mechanic for this one-time job ! Monroe is a very old brand and a 'quick-strut' from Monroe is affordable and will be well-engineered.

  12. Lets say complete strut costs 120€ or $. Single strut costs lets say 60, coil spring 40, mount 20, cover boot and stuff 30. Total u get 150$. All parts made by serious specialists.. Whos making them for decades.. They know how to build shit. Quick struts.. Naaah. If they make a good shock rest components gonna be crap 4 sure. If they make good components, strut gonna be garbage. Tried.. Monroe, gabriel are realy bad. Pay more and u good to go. Always using new KYB strut and KYB coil spring, use other components u like. Best way to go. Using sachs? sachs spring and strut.. Using cheap gabriel or other kinda junk – u have issues.. Wanna performance 100% Bilstein

  13. Gabriel tech claims are bullshit same as Monroe and all the others and it wouldn't matter anyways. What good is proprietary valving technology when the build quality is so inferior to KYB? The dampeners that Napa Proformer ready struts (Gabriel) are built around have half the dampening as Toyota OE. Screw 'em. Even the upper mounts were missing an important rubber bumper strip. How do you screw that up? At least the bearing wasn't sloppy like the horrible Mevotech mounts. I kept the coil, upper seat, lower cushion, and mount and tossed out the dampener, bump stop (too hard). It's KYB or nothing.

  14. You say just put in the new quick struts but shouldn't you also get the vehicle aligned after replacing the struts? I can neer seem to get a clear answer on this point. What is your opinion Eric (or whoever else reads this).

  15. Make sure you get Monroe OEM ride yiu a little more but it's worth it, don't buy from a dealer they want over 700 dollars for one when you can buy two Monroe OEM for a little over 200

  16. Just installed Monroe Quick Struts on my 09 Explorer. Here in Canada they weren't cheap, $200 each. I hope I don't regret it. I'm going to save the old springs in case.

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