The Most Legendary Skylines in the WORLD – Nismo Fest 2022

Geeking out all day getting to see some of the most famous shops and builds in the world of Nissans. Thankful we got to go to Fuji Speedway on the last day of our trip!



42 thoughts on “The Most Legendary Skylines in the WORLD – Nismo Fest 2022

  1. Pretty wild to see videos of some of these racecars. I only know of them through 1/28th scale Kyosho Mini-z’s autoscale bodies. I’ve raced them in a smaller scale lol.

  2. I always thought the blue Calsonic R32 Skyline was more of an iconic car than this one. In my opinion I think yellow is the ugliest color you can put on any car.

  3. BOB SHARP was an American racer in the SCCA that raced for team "BRE" back in the day. That is a very rare valve cover that they only made 200 of them. The Bob Sharp valve cover cost about 4500$. i also happen to have one 🙂

  4. Adam, I know the odds of you seeing this are slim to none. But in your video you said you wanted a blobeye. I have an 04 wrx I'm trying to sell. I have a full sti body kit for it. A jdm ej205 ready to be swapped in. And so much more. It's not the best thing in the world but I have everything for a ground up restoration.

  5. Is building 4 rotor Supra, but calls adding variable velocity stacks "unnecessary"!? Just go all in on it. It's already silly, might as well max it out and have a Lemans swapped Supra battle against Tuerck.

  6. I so love how you kept the kid screaming in the outro.. that was such a great moment and your a legend for doing that for him/them. I watched his channel for his perspective and it was a dream come true for him.. your a baller..

  7. The Mazda 787B on display at the hotel is the exact car that won the 1991 Le Mans 24 hour race. Thus, Mazda became the first team from Japan to win the prestigious race series. At that time, the driver who crossed the finish line with the F1-sounding racing machine was Johnny Herbert (UK). Interestingly, after he stopped the 787B, he had to be taken to a medical facility due to exhaustion and passed out. It shows he is determined to win the race for the rising sun. There is a video of it too:

  8. 15:01 fun fact modern sport bikes like the 2008-current Yamaha R6 and 2007-current Yamaha R1 have variable velocity stacks in the airbox to improve low/midrange power and torque similar to this

  9. <3 I have a die-cast of the Unisai-JECS R32-GTR. Seeing it full size with modern wheel/tire setup just does things to mah heart.
    I owned an R32 GTR for ~5 years and always daydreamed of turning it into a replica. <3

  10. Its insane how much there is car wise. Is it ok to skip going to see some of these? I could just pull up a chair and stare at those cars but man they need to have them up in the air to be able to see the under and suspension work.

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