The Pizza Car on TV News & in the Newspaper!

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31 thoughts on “The Pizza Car on TV News & in the Newspaper!

  1. You know what, I'm not going to buy Domino's pizza ever again. Litigious bunch of w@nkers. They need to get over themselves.

  2. Corporate Legal teams will try as hard to have CAVE IN and surrender the car ..
    You have the Title so it is LEGALLY yours .
    Dominos legal failed !
    Their legal dept needs to go after who initially sold that car .
    Has NOTHING to do with you !
    Again Dominos is at fault for neglecting to follow proper protocols of owners rerurning the car . Somewhere the INSURANCE Company Dominos uses ,since it was a totaled car, was NOT FOLLOWED properly .
    Dont cave in as legal firms want you to do !

  3. Sounds to me like Dominoes lawyers knew they didn't have a legal leg to stand on, they were just hoping you didn't know that. When you refused to cave to the threats they knew they would have been laughed out of court if they went forward, so they just quietly let it drop.

  4. You should seriously do a rwd conversion and find a way to drop a top of the line corvette motor in the second one. Basically a version that reinforces the idea of 30 minutes or its free delivery speed.

  5. you might find this interesting and maybe you can put it to some use, I am speaking from experience in owning/dealing with company branded items in the past. Our family owned multiple distribution centre's for Nestle ice-cream, with that we had to distribute ice-cream into the stores and this was held in freezers branded by the Nestle company with their logo. These branded freezers could not be sold to public, and in the event of them being damaged they would have been sent back to headquarters and replaced. at this point they will either part out the freezers, if they decided to part it out, they could do so in-house, or they would have to remove all company Logo's and sell it knowing there will be no infringement rights as they have sold it to a third party for destroying. (in other words they should have removed all decals and logos before selling it to a third party. there must be a paper trail of who sold it or where it came from.) if they have sold it, with the intent of it being destroyed, and the breaker yard sold it to you, (without destroying) then the breaker yard would have been in breach of contract with Domino's. if Dominos wants to take it legal, they would have to deal with the breaker yard they sold it too. if they want the fully functioning vehicle back, they will have to pay the asking price (within reason). Suppy and demand…. at worst you may have to take the logo's off or at least change them up (invert the colors and change the o in Dominos to a zero? (legally it doesn't say Domino's at that point it would be Domin(zero)'s (also change the 80 pizza to 82?)

  6. What the hell was that franchisee's problem? You owning that car and driving it around and featuring it in videos is practically free advertising.

  7. Cases like this it's, who's name is on the title… End of story. It's there fault for not taking the logo an signs off.
    Their employees destroyed the car insurance company said it was a lose cause,
    you bought car put time an money in it.
    Domino's can go suck a fat stuffed crust, Papa John's is better…

  8. In the UK, may years ago, the main phone company "British Telecom" (now "BT") who I worked for, replaced a lot of the old red phone kiosks with modern units. The scrap units were offered for sale in various ways, but there was a stipulation that the "crown" shaped mouldings must be removed before sale. Presumably this was an effort to make sure it was so the kiosk could be identified as sold scrap, not a "real" phone box. Dominos had the same original options, remove the branding them selves, but they sold it complete. However many of the phone kiosks that ended up in private hands, used a shower cubicles or fancy garden ornaments, etc, still had the crests. I don't remember any action being taken. Indeed many people own "veteran" vehicles they have restored that used to be owned by a company, and they retain their livery, for historic purposes. These are often used for fundraising, attractions a shows, with now interference from copyright holders.

  9. For all you dumb fucks out there boycotting I’m gonna try to make up for you all by eating 5x the amount of Dominos that I usually eat. Dominos is like the second best in the pizza scale while Poo Poo Johns is last.

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