TJ Hunt Races his 400Z at the LZ Compound!

TJ stopped by with the new 400Z – and we dive into our newest giveaway!
Every $5 spent on gets you entered for a chance to win the widebody NSX and $20,000 cash. It all begins at 3PM EST – don’t miss it!



45 thoughts on “TJ Hunt Races his 400Z at the LZ Compound!

  1. Adam get's a little taste of the passenger perspective and bow's out… TJ made some nice faces but hung in there. we're going to need a dry run re-do!

  2. Should have made the shifter knob with a hollowed out center with a screw on top, so you can put legal narcotics or whatever else you dont want the street regulators to find.

  3. Those twin turbo q 50s are crazy for a stock sedan. I almost crashed a rental q50 while taking it back to the airport rental place in Port Charlotte, thing was a blast to have for a week.

  4. Science of Speed makes two forced induction kits. They have been making them for decades. Also, pretty sure they still make the Spoon wheels. When ICB Matt bought the rights and brought back the Desmond Regamasters – I'm almost positive he set up the rights with Spoon and is making Honda offsets in collaboration for them.

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