We FIXED the Blown Head Gasket in my BMW i8 WITHOUT Spending $10,000 at the Dealer

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After sorting some of our BMW i8 Supercar’s last minute issues, we get it to run, but not very well. Finally there is some closure to the Fate of the Overheating BMW i8…

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42 thoughts on “We FIXED the Blown Head Gasket in my BMW i8 WITHOUT Spending $10,000 at the Dealer

  1. Someone sayd that if u can afford to pay the going price for the car without discounts etc. U can also afford to get it fixed for 10 grand if needed. But its great to see u got it fixed for the $6000 dlrs u paid. 😀

  2. And right here is the problem with these hybrid cars, just way too complex and expensive to fix, a normal person would be unlikely to be able to pay the kinda costs involved and would get rid of the car 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. To be honest those cylinder engines are just a dumb decision by BMW they could of gone for a inline 4 and have a true sport mode that unlocked all its power at the cost of fuel saving

  4. I keep telling people, never buy European cars especially BMW. You're lucky to have access to such good mechanics. Now buy Asian or Asian/US cars and save millions

  5. $5000 seems low af. What about the diagnostics he was running on the coolant? And a whole months worth of labour. How many man hours is that??? Nah fam.

  6. I can't believe he was charging only $5000 for all that labor. I need to start traveling to Florida to have these guys work on my car.

  7. This sounds like I'm trying to insult someone but honestly I'm not I'm just giving my opinion. I'm no where near in the league of being a supercar mechanic as that can be a whole different ballgame at times ( some think just because your certified that you can work on anything, well I can work on anything but I'm only experienced in certain vehicles up to a point). These problems however as I've been following this on and off were mostly because of different reasons. The vast majority being "Mechanics" not knowing what they are doing yet claiming to know exactly what they are doing with that exact car. I mean you are running into problems that THEY have created after the fact of the original problem. If they had started from A to Z of even basic diagnostic testing of a vehicle until you 100% find the problem then allot of this would have been avoided. That and reconfirming every single part that is placed to make sure it's correctly installed and ready for the continual process like #1 being TDC. Also when he pressurized the coolant system and did a bleed down he did that 20 steps way to late and out of order performing standard diagnostic tests. This is why we have them and yes it might suck going through the list testing things that you know probably isn't it but then you end up finding that oddball problem. Many will complain about time spent but I could have already went through a-z pertaining to coolant and overheating diagnostic in half the time it spent to even get to the thermostat removal. (previous video), I'm not saying a front to back on every car but I am saying when you get one that's clearly not obvious then yes it's time to go by the book no matter how simple. Even bleeding each cylinder down when they finally find a problem was done way, way, way to late as they were continually messing with guesses instead of again running through the full diagnostic procedures (because they would have already done the bleed down as it's within the diagnosing at a certain stage. You have to know exactly what's wrong before you can fix it, good Mechanics aren't "guessers" and they don't throw parts at something until it works. Even checking the flatness of the heads (within enough tolerance with a feeler gauge to see if there was blatant issues which could have been done right there and saved you several hundred dollars I only send them off if it's not some huge disparity that even I can find (yet another video).

    So sadly you've had more mechanic error on this than anything else. look I'm no where near saying I'm better but after incorrectly placing the #1 for TDC was enough because that's basic. It could even be to many chef's in the pot. Your constantly trying to make this interesting by setting up shots and not just 100% shooting what's happening naturally so I'm sure they feel pressured plus all your constant questions and you working on the car with them which also screws everything up because now if somethings wrong you won't know where to direct the blame if it was a very expensive mechanic error. So the car's actual problem dwarfs your actual problems occurring.
    The only thing that saved you was the not only reasonable price but if anything the Dirt cheap let me add you to my Christmas Card list price they gave you! 5000$ after a month? Man you better give that guy a hug!

  8. So what was stoping all the other guys who took a look at the car to look at the cylinder head and gasket when those are known possible problems, though our guy here sorta missed it or got it sorta wrong with one of the diagnoses, is it possible that just getting down and taking a look at the gasket and cylinder head with this car was so much of a labor cost it was being avoided and there's some sort of unspoken rule that doesn't have to be followed ( but mechanic Piers say one should follow it, that if there's a physical problem with the cylinder head + maby gasket it's best to just replace the entire engine – this having many want to avoid this all together ( a game of risk and reward if you choose not to replace the entire engine )

  9. Definitely taking my whip to this shop from now on. Have never been yet but its my new go to shop. Guy ive been going to for years screwed me. So hes done

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