What is AAPEX?

Join me on my journey to AAPEX to learn more about the products you use to upgrade and repair your vehicles. AAPEX happens from October 31-November 2 2023.

More Info: http://jlinks.io/Eric




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  1. Just an idea why not look for classic cars in your neighborhood or your area and operate those cars and bring them back to life and film it like a series

  2. That's awesome just one tip… don't say Ne vah da to anyone when you there. It like, most states, are said with a hard A sound. Think alabAma, MontAna, NebrAska, LouisiAna. They're pronounced the American English way to not be confused with their Spanish, French etc origins. If you say it wrong you may just get purposefully bad directions or just corrected. 😂 have fun.

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