What’s Inside a Helical Limited Slip Differential?

In this video I disassemble a helical, or Torsen, limited slip differential out of a 2000 Acura Integra Type R. During disassembly, I show how this unique limited slip differential works and why it cannot be serviced.

The reason I shot this video in ‘cell phone’ format is because I was originally going to make it a YouTube short. Once I found out they had to be less than a minute I decided to post this as a regular video.

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46 thoughts on “What’s Inside a Helical Limited Slip Differential?

  1. Finally, a LS differential video that did NOT confuse me. I've watched other videos about this subject in the past and I was trying to think, but nothing happened. Thanks, ETCG!

  2. Very good Eric, i enjoy all of your videos that you put out. Have learned alot from just watching your videos. Keep making more cause i am waiting on them.

  3. Smashing demo Eric 😀
    A very complex and simple design lol.
    Years ago i watched a 1940's film about the differential on you tube.
    It was really basic and narrated by Jam Handy.
    I imagine you may have watched it for a laugh 😀
    Eric, wear a mask as the new strain of covid spreads faster.
    Stay well.

  4. Just a suggestion, it might be cool if you post those short video clips you normally post on social media on YouTube Shorts as well.

  5. The Eaton Trutrac helical gear differential is pretty awesome too. It’s construction is a little different than this but I assume it operates like this Integra Tyle R differential.

  6. Heard of those helical differentials but never seen the inside of one. I've been told that with those that if you get into a free wheeling situation that you need to apply a little braking with the gas to give some resistance in order for the diff to lock up. My '74 C20 has an open diff and I'm undecided whether to replace it with a helical, a standard clutch based, or a manual locking diff. Didn't know that these helicals wear out. Now I'm leaning towards a manual. Thanks, Eric!

  7. The best of the bunch for us DYIers IMHO:

    Logging: Nor Cal Timber Faller with Dan Leeper

    Automotive: ChrisFix and Eric the Car Guy

    Small Engine and power equipment: DonyBoy73 with Donny and help

    Furnaces, water heaters, and most every appliance: Jay over at Word of Advice TV

    What makes these folks stand out from the rest? their knowledge, their communication skills, and they don't spend a lot of time self-promoting or doing goofy stuff to keep ya' watchin'. They patiently explain everything so nothing is missed. There are lottsa' good folks out there, and these really stand out.

  8. Eric, I'm sorry, but you've described the internal gears function incorrectly. None of the gears slide side to side, and the dumbell-looking gears definitely do not mesh with both central output gears. If you look down into the housing you can see the short gears and the dumbell-gears sit at different heights. The lower output gear drives the 4 dumbell-gears (up past the upper output gear)……the 4 dumbell-gears then drive the 4 short gears (which reverses the rotation)……finally the 4 short gears then go back down and drive upper output gear.

    Additionally it's not that the helical gears that are forced sideways creating the braking torque. It's actually that the engine is turning the housing which has to physically pushes against those internal gears to drive the wheels. This creates pressure against the face of the short & dumbell gear teeth as shown in the diagram. If you go back and look at the short & dumbell gear teeth, you can see their tips are machined flat into a perfect cylinder. This is the surface that provides the braking friction against the housing. The harder the engine torques the housing, the more braking pressure is created on that cylindrical surface.

    Now, can you please explain why my factory LSD starts knocking when my fluid gets old (05 TL Sport 6-speed w/ factory LSD)? Knocks during tight turns when fluid is old and it's very cold out. Change out fluid and it's been gone since. Noticed a few tiny silver aluminum non-magnetic flakes in my old fluid.

  9. Hi Eric. A bit like the diff in semis we had a diff lock switch in the cab in case we got stuck . Would be nice to have it in cars .

  10. That acts more like a mechanical locker than an LSD. It looks like once the gears are engaged with the case, there is no slip allowed and the axles are essentially "locked" together. I would be interested to see if there are any drivability issues that come from this after it's installed. Thanks for the video and great to see you posting again!

  11. That is a helical differential but not a torsen differential. Torsen diffs operate differently. For easy reference the helical gears of a torsen diff are perpendicular to the rotating axis.

  12. Videomaking is probably inside your spinal column at this point Eric 😂 I always enjoy your videos but this video more than usual i must say!! Something about the exploratory nature and curiosity of it…

  13. Watching this puts me in a meditative state…especially with the background soundscape🌲🕊️…this is like AMSR! 😅
    …I’d be so afraid to take those little gears ⚙️ out from the casing…afraid to not know where everything fits once it were time to put Humpty 🥚 back together again! 😂
    Your confidence is genius!

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