What’s the Difference Between NASCAR Oil, and the Oil You Put In Your Vehicle?

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Have you ever wondered if a NASCAR used the same motor oil as you can purchase? Wonder no more. In this video, Charles aka HumbleMechanic and myself, talk about the differences in the 2 oils. The answer may surprise you.

I say this in all honesty, I, like HumbleMechanic, use Pennzoil Platinum Plus in our own vehicles. Why, because I like science.

Learn more about Pennzoil Platinum Plus: http://www.pennzoil.com/en_us/products/full-synthetic-motor-oils/pennzoil-platinum.html

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Here’s the Oil Change Video I did with Pennzoil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqCEIkU9r6U

Special thanks to my friends @GarageMonkey http://network.garagemonkey.com for setting me up with this trip! You guys are awesome.

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47 thoughts on “What’s the Difference Between NASCAR Oil, and the Oil You Put In Your Vehicle?

  1. I trust Pennzoil full synthetic ULTRA.
    They offer 15 year 500k warranty on motor if you run it and no maximum drain of 4k like valvoline with there warranty, Pennzoil just says follow manufacturer drain interval.
    Made from natural gas so base oil is super pure and has better flow in cold then valvoline castrol and Mobil 1. Check the data sheets boys this ULTRA ain't no junk !

  2. Eric you make great videos, but when you have guests on you never let them speak. Stop cutting people off mid sentence. Its not what a good interviewer does. I found myself feeling bad for Charles.

  3. Dude i came all the way from England for the Bank of America 500 in Charlotte (8th October but moved to the 9th). Would have been awesome to say hi, whereabouts were your seats??

  4. The analogy is a bit off. Crude oil is not filtered it is distilled to a series of hydrocarbon families first based on boiling points. Next if needed it is distilled again under different conditions to isolate different molecular configurations i.e. side chains sometimes by vacuum to distill without decomposition . Also any different function groups such as OH which is a group best known by the average person as alcohol depending on the number and length of the main carbon chain. Most of this is done because these compounds are valuable as is without any manipulation such as toluene. Most of this takes the higher boiling point carbon chains out for cracking which is generally used for gasoline stock.

    When you build from natural gas stock which may contain methane, ethane, ethylene, and propane etc. These are very low boiling point hydrocarbons with short chains 1,2,or 3 carbons which cannot branch. So now a chemist can add carbons to build the chain and side branches as needed which is started by adding one carbon as in methane called methylation. The oils used for lubrication are generally 15 to 50 carbon atoms and depending on structure and added function groups have different properties.

    Technically it is constructed by chemists but it is not truly synthetic as if we invented it, it already existed in crude oil with other compounds. It just makes it more predictable since the exact formulation is known. So now you sign up for Organic chemistry 101.

  5. Since auto manufacturers are so adamant about lowering the lifespan of new engines I see no reason why a person would buy high priced motor oil for these things, hoping they'll last as long as the older engines. Let's see how many of these 4 cylinder souped up wonder machines will be around 8-10 years from now that have gone over 150,000 mi. Don't get too hyped up about the "new, improved" metallurgy or other tricks the marketing divisions can dream up. GM already destroyed production of the 3800 in spite of its reputation spanning 25+ years…what's next? Probably a welded engine assembly that can't be economically repaired.

  6. Paul Quitaldi I use Pennzoil, and when I pulled the motor apart on my 98 Monte with 120,000 miles on it, I didn't have to clean anything, there was no sludge or anything. I only had to scrape gaskets off and put it back together, now that is with 3000 miles oil changes.

  7. I always went royal purple and I switched to pennzoil platinum and I swear it felt like a huge downgrade. my car had only 8k miles on it or so at the time but yeah

  8. Is it true that they also add detergents in commercial oil's to keep the engine relatively clean where in competition and racing oils they do not seeing that the engines will be disassembled right after the race?
    Read this somewhere but never knew if it was true or not.

    Great Video!!

  9. Short answer to the question: "the additive package."
    More details would be nice. Maybe the additive packages used in the NASCAR oils is proprietary information that is not shared by the oil companies?

  10. try Not to change your oil for let's say 2 years?
    And then tap your engine oil off and have it checked in a lab.
    See the difference.
    O and don't forget to clean your magnet…

  11. well, I was very interested and also very disappointed. the difference is it doesn't have to last long? that's it?

  12. I was going to change my oil every 3000 miles but it was easier to take the money I wasted on oil and send it directly to the oil companies.

  13. I don't care if its sponsored or not as that's irrelevant. What pisses me off is that he NEVER stated what the difference was between the two types of oils, which I thought was the title of the video.

  14. Didn't answer a single question about the difference between those oils. Not a one. Not even TRYING to answer such a question. Why did you even post this? Normally what you have to say actually answers a question, or explains something. This does NONE of those things. For the first time since I've found your channel, I've found myself wasting 5 minutes of my life. Easy to say on many other youtube channels, but not yours…

  15. I hope this discussion doesn't end up being BRANDS of oil. "I use brand– and it's better than brand **. Serves no purpose at all.
    I have read that the platinum oil has a LOT more detergents,compared to "other" brands. Really? If it gets dirty quickly,it's doing its job.
    Maybe the guys will go to the oil testing place that is independent,not sponsored.
    What's the best oil? No,just change it as recommended. You car or truck will go WAY past 100,000 miles.

  16. Its called a sprint cup car, formally known as Winston cup car, Nextel cup car, grand national series car. Or strictly stock series car prior to 1950. Also late model stock car would also be an acceptable term although usually reserved for minor league speedway classes. but there is No such thing as a NASCAR. NASCAR is the name of the association / organization, not the vehicle. I'm not a fan of NASCAR. It's a stupid pointless sport. But as a car guy I am bothered by your ignorance. Nothing personal, more of a pet peeve of mine. Just like all those people that use the word electrocuted wrong. Which is almost everyone these days. It just bugs the hell out of me. :/.

  17. No 'shame' in endorsing Pennzoil Platinum as it's pretty consistently on just about every pundits top 10 list of syn oils. I use Castro Magnatec syn-blend as I don't drive my cars every day, and like the idea of clingy engine oil. I've have wondered though, how much of that is just me being suckered by clever marketing.

  18. anyone know of a proper study done on this? (synthetic vs dino squeezings) I really want to see two things, detectable differences between the oils themselves, and if they have any real world impact on our engines.

    I sort of feel like being "cleaner", whatever that means, may not be all that important when it relates to our engines. One of the main purpose's of oil is to carry shit the engine makes so it doesn't build up into sludge. If your oil get's full of soot and shit anyway, how much does that bit cleaner at the start really matter?

  19. This was great. You two play off each other really well and some good info despite being sponsored content. Anyone that complains about this has too much time on their hands. Look forward to more like these.

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