Winning My First Battles in the RTR Mustang – FD Irwindale Competition Runs

Irwindale was definitely an interesting event – but a great way to end the season. Beyond thankful for all the support from you guys, my partners, RTR, friends, and family. Can’t wait for next season!
Every $5 spent on gets you entered for a chance to win the NSX and $20,000 cash.



37 thoughts on “Winning My First Battles in the RTR Mustang – FD Irwindale Competition Runs

  1. BIG SHOUT OUT TO COLLETE!! thanks for capturing all this for us ๐Ÿซถ๐Ÿฝ hopefully LZ can put Pete on the podium soon๐Ÿ…

  2. Oh how i would love to know what Chelsea said during all those beeped out parts. Most were of course the F-word, but I can tell there were some solid gold truths in there.

  3. You got robbed on the reeder run of anything the beginning of the run on the banking him not being consistent, should be canceling out the fact that he kindve just chose not to throttle out when he hit the wall. Canโ€™t be mad though because reeder local to WA. Holy shit! Glad that got overturned, well deserved!

  4. Adam you drove the hell out of that stang, can see you felt super comfortable with the car, by far one of the best videos of seeing you drifting keep up the good work โค

  5. Really hate that these judges give LZ such a hard time and always somehow favor thee other. These dudes need to be more honest. There's even camera footage. I really hope this was a wake up for the FD community.

  6. Iโ€™ll give Adam the win against Novak, but if an actual battle had happened with Matt, Matt would have mopped the floor with him. Adam got the go around on a technicality. Wouldnโ€™t call that a win. It would have been great to see Field and Asbo battle it out at the end of the round for the championship.

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