10 Things That Will Keep You UP AT NIGHT IN PRISON

Sleep isn’t an easy thing to get in prison a lot of the time. As much as someone may want to sleep the time away, there are a lot of things that can keep you up at night. Today I share with you 10 of those things. Hope you enjoy.

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32 thoughts on “10 Things That Will Keep You UP AT NIGHT IN PRISON

  1. You for got when some fuke tard tries to escape and your on lock down for 2 weeks and the lights are not turned off the whole time

  2. I was in Kirkland Correctional in South Carolina and in the dungeon they had old cells that had like padlocks on them. There was a guard that would walk by and slap those locks at wake the fellas up. Somebody got a hold of him. He didnt mess with those Locks anymore

  3. You forgot farts and actual sex sounds and singing, the smell of other people firing up drugs, people up eating some chips from commissary or hippie chips ( uncooked ramen sprinkled with the seasoning packet), folks that sleepwalk or do other violent things while in a deep sleep (ex: punching pillows or the bunk underneath to top or wall, also kicking and possible yelling while doing so, someone getting raped, sleep apnea ( not to be confused with snoring), any dank smells at all that are strong enough to whiff your way continually ( could even be pissing in their sleep on the top bunk and possibly getting on you, as well as someone trusting on fart on top bunk and pissing out their ass instead ( even if it doesn't get on you but especially if it slides off those mattresses), your cellie tossing and turning ( worse if you have squeaky metal beds), someone with a really bad case of Tourette's, coughing fits or someone that has to clear their throats often, crazy sounding noises of people talking in their sleep but it isn't real words and instead it might sound like ghosts, worse if they have frequent nightmares or even if they are scared of the dark, if you yourself are scared of the dark for whatever reasons, people who pray at odd hours of the night loudly and long winded, people who are coming off drugs and in pain or hallucinating or so dope sick that they vomit quite often through the night and it echoes, cellies fighting, a person or persons experiencing an emergency that disturbs everyone's night. If I were in top form, I might be able to come up with some more but I think this is enough without having read anyone else's ideas.

  4. You did say in another video a while back that you couldn't do these types of videos anymore because there was nothing left to say about that time. I suppose you were mistaken.

  5. I would lay down and keep my eyes shut for about 20 hours a day. Night was the hardest to sleep tho. Dudes playing dice and rapping at 3am

  6. In Virginia Beach, Norfolk city and Hampton Rhodes Regional jails..1/2 the block would stay up all night playing cards, and 1/2 would stay up all day watching BET. Going to prison ( Goochland) was actually better because I was in Theraputic Community; so we would be asleep at a decent time because we had to get up early for groups!!
    So glad those days are over. Great video Joe!

  7. No dream can scare me that much. I've had nightmares of everything.

    Once you mentioned worrying a out that girl… I'm single but I feel it in my heart.

  8. I'm thinking SCREAM effect AND jangling keys ASMR.
    gods, that would keep anyone up at night. .

    Anyway. I randomly found your channel while searching for Prison Food. I'm very glad I did so, because you have interesting stories to tell (for a Swede, this is very far off)

    So, thank you for taking time doing these

  9. Those fire alarm contractors were being dick heads. The alarm should've only been sounded off once…ONE TIME! The other tests could've and should've been done on the 'silent alarm' testing option.

  10. I was a CO for the last year and you learn real fast to hold your keys when you walk. The last thing I wanted to deal with was a pissed off inmate in my face cause I woke them up. I always tried to be quiet at night because I been on the other side of them bars when I was younger and I understand that most inmates just want left alone to do their time and go home.

  11. I only did a little over a year and it's crazy how even in the short time I've experienced almost everything in this list.. The american prison experience is 100% universal hahah

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