10 WRONG THINGS to do while serving time in isolation

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35 thoughts on “10 WRONG THINGS to do while serving time in isolation

  1. The Island Boys are releasing a video of them suckling the other off. Yes they are real blood brothers and yes this is real.

    Now you know more then you wanted to about them.

  2. 3:58

    "Keep yelling and screaming!"

    Me: My mother would just say "Louder!" because – eventually – your throat would be raw and sore to the point where you'd be coughing up your lungs!

    (Lesson learned from childhood!)

  3. love to see you posting this style of content, man! hope you're doing well and sending you the best. so many of us still rock with you, Joe!!

  4. Hell yeah
    Old school APS

    Been tryna DIIIIVEEEEE in to some classics

    More stories

    More art, Joe.
    Draw for us, do some APS live comics

    I'd help animate, tbh

  5. Joe Listen…im an OG…watching ur channel from the jump…love it..but if i were you…take it how ya want…but i would go back to the interviews of peeps just getting out.. the helping part…thats up to them…meet it half way bro! You cant change these people! But the interviews…pay them a little bit..a hotel for a few days for the interview..but THATS IT! You will never be able to save everyone…but the interviews are golden! Thoughts?

  6. what's the difference between Joseph Rosenbaum and the profit of the Muslim religion Mohammad? Rosenbaum was put down like a rabbid dog by a hero Mohammed kept raping kids.

  7. This was a really good video joe I go back and watch all the oldies. The skits are still my favorite that you do during the middle off a story. Keep it up don’t stop making videos who knows maybe it will become your job again. Most wishes coming you way and good luck.

  8. They kept me in isolation for no reason. I never got into a fight and i stayed to myself in my cell reading and the next thing i know i was in isolation. I covered my lights with 1 of my wash rags and the guards struck a deal with me. The guards said if i took my wash rag off the light then they would turn my light off at night when i went to bed and they stuck to the deal. Some co's would give me a couple bottles of pop and candy bars. During the day i would walk in circles in my room or read. I did a lot of reading from law books or adventure stories. I would write letters or make phone calls. The co's i had was cool as hell. I went outside all day when it was nice out or a couple hours in the winter.

  9. Nice video man. Hope all is well. You have some die hard followers on YouTube already but much like me your reach is limited to the usual suspects so to say. So I think all you gotta do really is find something to react to that's prison related and people will watch it. Tbh it could even be a few different videos and people would watch it because your funny. Either way I'm here for the content.

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