5 Toughest Jobs After Prison…

In this video, we talk about some of the toughest jobs there is when coming out of prison… You may not think some of these are tough but for someone adjusting to the real world again, it’s not as easy…

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47 thoughts on “5 Toughest Jobs After Prison…

  1. Hey Joe I'm a commercial roofer in Phoenix Arizona i did 6 1/2 years in prison and this job has changed my life I get paid good there's potential to move up in the company it is hard honest work it beats being in that cell or dorm any day of the week..

  2. I took my first management position at 16. One of the hardest things to deal with as a manager is when your employees feel like they shouldn't take direction from someone younger than them. I treated everyone with respect, regardless of age, so it wasn't impossible to overcome for the most part. I did have to let a few people go because of it, between the ages of 16 and 25ish. I am 35 now so it isn't really a problem anymore but was definitely a challenge at the time. A bit of wisdom, judge your supervisor by their actions and the level of respect that is given to you in turn, not their age.

  3. JOE WAS A LUMPER!!!!!!
    I'm a long haul trucker, some places you gotta pay a lumper fee to have guys unload my trailer (well my company pays it, I just handle transaction)
    Just paid one this morning, 335.00$!!!!!
    Sounds like not only was joe a LUMPER ( that's what there called) ..it also sounds like he was getting JACKED

  4. Good video Joe. There aren't very many people in many occupations that actually "enjoy" going to work each day. But we do it because it's what pays the bills and we have to make our own way in the world.

  5. Joe, my name is Theodore Petkovsky I'm 23years old I'm rocking with APS since 10.000 Subs I'm from Skopje North MacedoniaI'M WORKING AS A SECURITY LAID BACK GUARD FOR 12h SHIFTS FOR 210 EUR PER MONTHI remember what you would say about the security type of job………..

  6. I cleaned portapottys after prison that was six years ago now I own my own trucking company and skateboard company and easily make six figures. Being a felon forced me into being a entrepreneur

  7. Bro, you're good at making videos to me. 🙂 As for the toughest job, in my opinion… it's construction because you have to climb up scaffolding, you can fall off of roofs or whatever any time and die. Just the thought of it makes me feel sick, honestly. Thanks for the great videos, bro!

  8. I worked at a warehouse for a fairly infamous company and how rough it was honestly shocked me. I ended up having to quit because I couldn't afford what working there was doing to my joints. Wrist, back and knee braces were common, even in the straight out of high school employees.

  9. I'm currently a roofer Joe and just like you every morning we pass around the devil's lettuce. You say they asked you for the shingle stretcher, my first day they asked me for a sky jack and like you I ran looking for it 😂🤣 😂 and of course I didn't find it ☹️ all the while they sitting there laughing at me then I realized they were having fun at my expense. We do that to everyone that's new and everyone of us has had it don't to us when we first start. But yeah it's totally dangerous and unsafe and nobody cares if you fall… remember your fired before you hit the ground 😂🤣 😂 great content as always Joe thanks for sharing 🤜👍✌️😎

  10. I'm a Warehouse Whore. Ther is no place hotter in the Summer and no place colder in the winter. This past week has been hotter than 2 Rats fucking in wool sock!

  11. There is no such thing as a shingle stretcher that's why you never found it 😂 it's a roofing joke. We tell people to get a board stretcher 😂😂

  12. who the hell works for 100 to 150$ a day…. you cant live on that. unless your 15-17 and living with mom and dad than its okay, but in the real world its not going to cut it. You shouldnt get out of bed for less than 1000 a week after taxes. Think about it, thats only 52k a year. Witch you can make it on if you have a wife or husband to come up with a pay check too.

  13. I'm blessed I work in a warehouse… 19/hr… work is how you make it… it's a small railroad maintenance company everyone there is like family…. wonderful place to work love my job… Knox Kershaw co

  14. The ship yards are no joke, people get killed at those places sometimes: everything is up a ladder or scaffold, and everything that falls, falls at least three stories, weighs at least 20 pounds and is made of steel.

  15. I agree I did roofing for 5 years it was extremely hard I did get pretty good at it and was making 22 bucks an hour but takes its toll on ones body .another great video Joe I'm glad to b back

  16. I cussed out my manager at little Ceasars when I worked at that hell whole .. just so you know he wanted me to put the food that had hit the floor on a plate

  17. I forgot to mention one more job I had and that was making those cheap ear phones u get on planes,we were getting slave labour dollars for making cheap earphones for qantas airlines

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