6 Things You Never Knew About Phones In Prison

In this video I’m going to tell you some crazy things about prison phones that you probably never knew about. Hope You enjoy and if so, SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON FOR APS!!!

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Author: Rafael


50 thoughts on “6 Things You Never Knew About Phones In Prison

  1. I remember this one cool guy gave me a three way big black dude!!! I was good at basketball so that impresses him. I got on the phone with my Dad on three way and right away said "dad i'm on three way can you please get me out of here today!!! I don't belong here!!!!!" My bond is 800$ he actually got me out.

  2. There are differences in prisons around the world.

    Where I'm from every prisoner in maximum security are allowed to phone 20 minutes each week (free), which can be extended if the prisoner have children or other special needs. That's a right, not a privilege.

  3. My sister is evil a couple of years ago she was talking to a guy in prison and they became a serious thing and one day she stopped talking to him and he still calls her to this day even though she hasn't answered in years and she getting married in 5 days and her prison boyfriend doesn't know

  4. I can get unlimited free incoming calls from county jail here. Won't say how but but like Joe said… it's easier than you think

  5. I’m not sure I understand what a three-way call would entail?? someone on the outside calling another person for someone in prison??? Does that save you in initial calling fee?? I feel so terrible that these prisons are privatized and making a fortune off of indigent people and their families (supporting these prisoners) ramen noodles for example are at $.33 out in the free world… I never heard you talk about people bringing care packages into the prison is that allowed??? PS Shame on the PRISON ADMINISTRATION FOR Trying to eliminate these $.99 phone numbers again it’s all about making 💴!! And usually the WARDEN have “STOCK” IN OWN PRISON..Which should be a conflict of interest!

  6. I think everybody needs to watch your videos… Just to gain a little more common sense… Or like you say spend a little time in prison,.. to get it…

  7. I was using the phone in jail and i was sticking my ass out a little bit and this tweaker behind me pushed me becasue my ass was in his face. I told my mom on the line to get me the hell outta here!

  8. Hey bro, always enjoy binge watching your videos. I was Thinking you should do a "Prison life Hacks ep" Buut include the risks and consequences, so you show that you dont condone it.. Just an idea..

  9. People do most definitely be putting a damn sock on them phones too😂 cus the phones be dirty. But I'd think allowing any man to put his own sock on the damn phone we all sharing is not making it cleaner for the next man

  10. I saw a show on TV where a guy was able to go to a screen and somehow he was able to messages girlfriend from the men side to the women's side of the jail somehow he figured it out

  11. Whole lotta politics involved w the phones lol Gotta be careful. All depends on where ya at and who's in w ya. I've been in a jail w absolutely no politics at all and as long as nobody is on it it's open to whoever and I've been in places in the same jail that ya had to pay or fight to make a call but the other pods had zero politics and as long as ya have some etiquette and respect there's no issue at all. When ya got nothin, power and the few belongings and resources ya got become mad important and a lotta people abuse it.

    One thing I'd most definitely add to all that though is DO JOT HAVE FAMILY MAKE CALLS FOR OTHER INMATES!

    I don't mean the 3 way either, though I'd never do that all the same.

    But I mean if somebody comes and says "ay man. I got no cash on the phone/my mom's can't afford to pay for the call so can you get ya mom's or girl to just call my people and tell em "the money ain't hit the books" (or whatever, don't matter what it is, don't do it!) and to try again?".

    Next thing ya know you're in a box gettin sweated, one of your loved ones is also gettin the the 3rd and you got no clue what the hell is goin on. Soon you'll discover you and ya moms were unwitting accomplices in a murder or shake down or some shit. For real, don't do it! "Money ain't hit the books" could mean "Dude didn't pay up so ride on em" or something. You don't know who you're having your loved ones call and what kinda code ya may be having them send. So just always avoid it. Half or more of the time it is just some crackhead w no cash and no family that can afford calls. But sometimes it ain't and there's no way to tell the difference. Just don't do it!

  12. Joe, question… what do you think about all day in prison… what do you wish you enough about so that you could focus your mind on it?

  13. >>I know this video is old, but I ain't never had a prison peep in thur with an acct.or $$ on the phones. ..always got called collect. Lol.

    Thaz purdy lucky if u got an acct.with some dough to call. Ballin' ;-))

    Remember when u couldn't call collect on a cellular phone(had to he a landline)?? Dang, people'd be screwed if that was still how it worked! Ha

  14. I remember the funniest part of the day was watching a fellow inmate call his girl get hung up on.. then circle to the back of the line to call her again.. and it happened everyday all the time😂

  15. The phone is how I found out my mother died! Thats the real only live line you got, letters take to long. Nothing worse then one of your parents passing while your in!

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