A case with an UNBELIEVABLE outcome

In this video we’re going to talk about two really crazy stories. And the outcome of one of these cases will absolutely shock you!!

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Author: Rafael


38 thoughts on “A case with an UNBELIEVABLE outcome

  1. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. TBH mine has been pretty bad thus far… Buuuuuuut still maintaining a positive view of things regardless. Thank you all for the love and support. And I hope you enjoy this video. Even though it's about some pretty crazy stuff.

  2. About the 14 year old case, I think the worst thing is that she did preform the oral sex. As far as I got it she wasn't forced or anything, times are changing and kids are starting to become sexual earlier and earlier. And the fact is that young girls are starting to have these feminine features at a very young age and I don't know how but it's really strange because you look at a girl walking in the street wearing tights looking hot as fuck only to realize once you look a bit better that she is probably not even 18 yet…

  3. Wow how does a cop get away with raping a 14 year old at a school of all places? You go to jail for speeding to much over the speed limit in a school zone but not rape from a police officer to a minor student inside the School? Texas is a fucked up corrupt state that is ran by money

  4. We had the same thing happen where I'm from in NJ, a nasty chomo detective was a dare officer in our middle school and he was preying on the girls who came from broken homes. Acting like he was mentoring him but in reality he was grooming them, then molesting them. A girl finally had came forward after this had apparently been going on for yrs, they did run down in his house found a shit ton of child porn on his computer(he lived next to my bff house when I was in high school so we saw all this going on, and we knew better then to go anywhere near him cause he was always staring at us making fucking weird comments) anyways u would think he would of been sent to jail, prison, killed, something anything
    But NOPE he basically got a slap on the wrist and was told he had to do early retirement, his god damn kids werent even taken away from him and his wife( oh and apparently the wife knew all about his nasty life style but didnt care since she was having an affair with their dry cleaner….yea this family was filled with s bunch of real winners let me tell u). This piece of shit was free to live his life and I'm damn sure continue to do what he does, and started working for a plumbing company. Now we had this happen once again with another cop about 10 yrs later and thankfully that loser was sentenced to many many yrs on prison where I hope he is getting his on a daily basis, but I'm sure he isnt cause I'm sure he is in p.c. being that he is a nasty cop/chomo.

  5. I LOVE when you interact with Danny especially, but also Dave, Cody, Rabbit, and Shannon… anyone you're supporting and helping….. the self done skits … eh. Some are informational, but mowt are sooooo repetitive. I'm sorry for any negative feedback because I think you're really helping these guys, as well as yourself. Props. I try to watch as often as I can, but a lot of the videos are like 30 minutes of the same sentence over, and over, and over. I find myself fast forwarding through most of it, and not missing a beat. Quality beats quantity !!! I'd rather watch a 5 – 10 minute update video, seeing those involved, than a 30 min video saying the same thing 1000 times, 10 different ways. Sorry.

  6. Joe what's unbelievable what shocked me it was when I heard of a 4 time child offender being released. How is that possible. Smith & Wesson invented the Cure years ago.

  7. Wow can you imagine being the parents of that 14 year old girl and hearing that this guy is not getting anytime at all and doesn't even have to register. I guarantee there would be some vigilante justice in order.

  8. Yup… Took me 3 friggin hours to get to work, damnit when it usually takes 45 minutes!! There were a total of 5 road blocks in 3 counties I had to go thru on the back roads. I have mixed feelings on this because I usually root for the underdog and you gotta give props to any prison escapee other than chomos. Well, I root for their escape too…. but only when strapped to a gurnee while in the death chamber, but I digress. I gotta point out too that the majority of correction officers in GA prisons are shady af and have been running prisons like a freakin' mafia family. They have been smuggling in cell phones and drugs and tipping prisoners off to cell searches. Some setting weaker inmates up to be brutally assaulted or at the very least looking away while it's happening. The officers on the level are scared to even complete duties like counting in the dorm at night when way outnumbered. That said who knows what these guys were living through. Anyway, love your channel. Your wife is very fortunate. You are a good man, Joe and that is a rarity these days.

  9. Smh Wow that makes me fuckin sick. The System is a joke honestly. I’m surprised you didn’t say he got his job back even. The System is so fucked up 😡🤬

  10. When I was in the 10th grade in 1985, a girl accused me of stealing her class ring…i did NOT. The Sheriff's deputy who worked at our school took me in to his little office, ALONE, and strip searched me!!! He preformed a VERY through cavity search on me then proceeded to molest me. He would not allow me to call my mom…when he got his jollys he told me to clean myself up, threatened to arrest me if I tried to tell anyone, then sent me back to class. I found out later that he KNEW before taking me in to his office that I HAD NOT STOLEN THE RING!!! I am now 50 years old and I'm STILL terrified of cops😢😭💔

  11. No young girl escapes sexual harassment. Trust me.
    And these dirtbag mutha fuckers often walk. I believe our judges & lawmakers are often predators themselves.

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