A Cop Who Was Doing Less Protecting AND MORE SERVING…

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26 thoughts on “A Cop Who Was Doing Less Protecting AND MORE SERVING…

  1. As long as it was off duty it shouldn’t matter what they do but how funny is it that they get it on in the office

  2. Happened in Cottage Grove, Oregon this past summer. All 3 people in the administration are gone. The commander, the Chief of Police, & the Administrative Manager. Sex & embezzlement is what I understand.

  3. I live a half hour south of Nashville….can’t wait to read about this in the local news. I have a buddy that’s a Metro patrol officer….I need to ask him!!!

  4. Embarrassment, humiliation, destroying careers & marriages…Shhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiitttttt. Big head must give some Grand Master head to be risking it all. I honestly feel sad for her for I'm guessing there is some deep trauma &/or very low self esteem going on. Or, well, maybe she just a big ol' head freak

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