A LACK OF Love After Lock Up

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46 thoughts on “A LACK OF Love After Lock Up

  1. Yo Joe, good to see you. Been awhile. You're always gonna be #1 in the genre…the original, one and only creator of a multi million dollar industry. Sorta like the original rappers. You made me laugh during a dark time. Always going to be a fan.

  2. Dude stop putting Tom in the videos, the other two videos with him sucked. Just look at the views compared to the others. And he’s gonna start thinking it’s his show joe take your own advice

  3. That place will be raided soon 🤣🤣 exhibit A Joe's video!🤣🤣🤣 yo Joe you gotta bring Touch em Two times Tommy back!

  4. You know I saw this last video and I was staring at it most of the time and I thought about making a comment I might have made a comment I don't remember but I thought it was kind of funny the f was missing it kind of gave it character honestly I love how you made it look like it was a little broken lol, that gives it a lot of character imo, in a good way.

  5. Now that we have a little more information about the waverly book store, i think we need you to go undercover and see if you can get an invite into the back joe. Do it for your fans, do it to satisfy tom's curiosity, do it for the views😎 thank you tom and joe for another entertaining video. Peace✌

  6. I get a vibe. Kinda like why would someone be so animated all the time like they are trying to be Kelso off "That 70s show" in real life all the time?🧐 Something smells fishy Georgie 💯 (not talking about Joe)

  7. She was enjoying the fruits and nuts …. I have to say I have known some freaky women in my day, but that woman was a super supreme freak.

  8. Thank you Joe for incorporating the wide shot. It gets a little distracting watching the camera jump back and forth between you two the entire time

  9. OMG the first and only time I went to jail at 51 years old I just happened to be in there with a girl who was on love after lockup oh boy was she playing him big time for the money he would send her whatever she wanted and then he ended up being a cheater they even showed him picking her up from the Glynn county jail and good old Northern California it's a very small world I think her name was Britney but boy did she get the goodies from him but then when I watched the show that was hilarious

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