A Permit Problem At The Flip House…

It’s the final vlog from 2020 and what a title for a video to end the year with. SPOILER ALERT I got it right, and wait till you see what it was about. Also, I just began working with another NEW GUY… But this one is a lot different. Happy 2020 sendoff yall and hope you enjoy the video.

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Author: Rafael


46 thoughts on “A Permit Problem At The Flip House…

  1. Loved this one, it felt "real " , your mood showed how good you were feeling. Glad you clarified the "Cody Situation ", I would have hated to give the "Trolls" a stop work order. Oh and just before it was midnight here in Sydney Aus, I noticed a channel with some fcukwit running his mouth about times gone by, and something about retaliation, and 3 minutes in, I noticed it was 56 minutes, now I’m loyal to APS and me sitting here listening to some guy whining and carrying on for 56 minutes just was Nevah gonna happen, no skits, just sitting in the drivers seat of his car, rambling nuh uh buddy, I may not know him, but in 3 minutes, he was unceremoniously ditched/dumped/ trashed whatever you wanna call it LOL, sorry to the folk that like him.

    Happy New Year All !!🙃🥳😂

  2. New camera guy honestly is trash look at how he is holding the camera while they're riding in the car. Hahahaha always know ill get a laugh when i watch this channel what a joke.

  3. Stomp any more dogs lately? Boiiii thooo the aspca talkin bout takin out charges on ole slow joe for them old dogfighting vids son

    You think mfers forgot?

  4. I'm well aware that 2020 has been a difficult year for many, but for me, it has, overall, been the best year ever. Why? 1) Working from home 3-4 out of 5 days a week meaning less expenses on transport, better and healthier lunches (as I make them myself), less time wasted on the commute, more time for myself. As an introvert, this has been golden. 2) While it sucked not being able to go abroad for vacation, it also meant more in savings, more left over to invest. Less overall spending contributed to the same. Savings soared and the stockmarket, after the initial crash, went well up as well. All in all, it resulted in the best financial year ever. 3) No-one I know has had to deal with the virus, yet…

  5. Happy new year Joe and APS Army…I'm just hoping Joel isn't gonna be Jarron 2.0/ "Video Jarron" Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best here.

  6. Hey are you going to quit fucking around in 2021, I'm just curious… Here's what I'm talking about… No contractor is to set foot on the property until a signed subcontractor agreement is returned with COI certificate of insurance. Here's what you said "I asked the electrical guy how much the electrical was going to cost and he said no more than 5 grand, so 5 grand". If you had a signed contract you would know every penny you are going to pay. Also you would have the price worked out before the contract and you would request 4 more companies come and give estimate, then you would take the cheapest estimate and discern what they have and don't have. And what they are missing, you would use that to compare to the other companies prices and see who is most fit to do the job, you would also use the pricing from other companies to put these companies against each other and pull another 15% off their contract value to kept for other repairs. Or to be kept for yourself.

  7. So out of curiosity in your opinion why does everyone who goes to prison get tattoo's to advertise it? Especially face and neck tattoo's I've never understood this. If you want to change your ways those tattoo's will make it more difficult. If your not trying to change why do you wanna advertise and make yourself look like a criminal?

  8. I love these flip house videos Joe! I’m looking to buy and hold rentals myself, and watching you go from convict to real estate guy is very inspiring. I’ve actually learned what flipping a house looks like when someone who’s not a lifetime professional does it. Thank you!

  9. Someone please tell Joel that the “fancy” camera angles just ain’t it in the truck joes head is damn near out of the frame and the camera is lop sided.

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