A Troll Destroyed Our Moving Business

It’s a sad day for APS when no matter what you do, someone tries to destroy all your hard work. That is what has happened with our moving company Get Gone Moving and Hauling. But no matter what, we will pick ourselves up. And try to be better and smarter with the next attempt. Hope you enjoy and thank you all for the love and support.

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46 thoughts on “A Troll Destroyed Our Moving Business

  1. I just want to thank everyone who went to bat for APS yesterday. The amount of support for us on Yelp was unbelievable. But when a troll has it set in their mind to destroy something they seem to go to great lengths to make sure they do that. The pictures left of our Yelp page are horrible. No one is going to hire us because of that. And Yelp lets that sort of stuff stay up there… Crazy. But its all about handling what happens in life and what you do next. Hope you enjoy this video. The end is worth waiting for I hope. And again I cannot thank you all enough for the tremendous support. Thank you all!!! APS4LIFE!!!

  2. You could have just fired back a response on Yelp. 1.27 million people know you, of course you should market your business on the internet. The troll didn’t win- you just gave it all away to him. wah wah.

  3. Joe bro. I work in apartments as does your wife. Use your truck and get a trailer and start cleaning out all their trash out units and large item haul off for all her companies complexes. Consistent work year round. Apartment complex work is a never ending thing. They need plenty of contractors to work, I can promise you that because there aren’t enough maintenance guys out there to get the job done anymore.

  4. I'm in the service business like you. Like you I have things in my past that could hurt my successful business. If you really want some friendly and free advice contact me. I can't get into this in a public forum. Either way best of luck to you.

  5. You have a great attitude. Be well. I love your videos. I don't think things always happen for a reason.nits cause and effect. There is no fate. Shit happens. Anyway, I wish you well. Metta.

  6. I don’t know if you want to take this path but it’s easy to find out who done this. Everything on computer is traceable. You can go after them for slander.

  7. Yelp is an extortion racket. Did they not call you and offer to remove the bad shit for $400?
    True pieces of shit. Not worried about customers knowing if a place is fucked up, only bout the money.

  8. Joe I think you need to start looking in yourself why do businesses are failing I seen a few glitches already but I'm not going to speak on it I don't want nobody to take this the wrong way like I'm trying to sabotage someone when I'm really just trying to give you game

  9. Keep up the good work, the hard work Joe. Your a good human being and a good friend to your brothers. Jealous, envious trolls are a dime a dozen. Your do'n the right thing not letting this slow you down one bit. I think you should keep with the moving business idea. You've proven your ability and that your naturally gifted with it. Why not continue with a winner!! Good luck brother. God bless.

  10. Joe, you can make content creation work for you as a long term career, you've already got the core fan base… and crime is kind an endless source. You're good man, stick your fingers in different pies by all means, but you're good at this.

  11. People suck this world would be a much better place if people just minded their own business instead of everyone else's. Keep up the good work Joe keep your head up

  12. You don't work ..lol the guys that are with you do all the work while you count the sheckles.then you put Whiner videos like this for views..

  13. APS Stay strong and look ahead don’t look back that is never the answer. Take the time to figure out what will be best for the APS Army and come out strong!

  14. Great Guy Moving would be a wonderful name for your company! I truly admire how far you have came & you give my husband & I hope as he gets out soon & we worry about things when he gets out of prison but seeing your success gives us hope & we appreciate everything you do & say so much! DON'T let these trolls or anyone else knock you down

  15. I think you should go with a thrift store. But I also think that you shouldn't have let the troll get to you. Why even mention him, there's always going to be a troll no matter how good you are.

  16. Yo Joe dont let a troll stop you keep your head up.Good things are still ahead for you. Haters exist in all aspects of life. Haters should only strengthen your desire to start your own business. Best of luck bro. " Peace"

  17. Joe, I'm and older woman, I'm not going to say how much older let's just say older. And there's always people out there that's going to put you down, that's going to take what you have and make it their own and so on. You know what I'm sayin. But the best part of what I'm saying here is that you get to pick yourself up again and start again. Your a sweet man that is always out there trying to help anyone. Don't ever let that die. Love to you.

  18. You are exactly right Joe Yelp is criminals they are the worst thing that allowed to be on the internet we didn't even have a troll in Yelp stole from my business they stole $600 out of my bank account

  19. Try different ways of generating leads, moving contracts work better put thumbtack is one of the best to get jobs quick but can be pricey check out Louis Massaro, what you are talking about I kbow all too well, hang in there.

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