Becoming The Foreman Of The New House Job…

I’m sorry we’ve been slacking lately. But I promise tomorrow we will be back on track. It’s been a lot lately with everything going on. But we’re finally starting to get things settled. I wanted to share this video with ya’ll today to show you a little of what we’ve been up too. And I’m looking forward to next week and sharing with you all so much more. Thank you all for rocking with APS! And I hope you enjoy todays video!

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50 thoughts on “Becoming The Foreman Of The New House Job…

  1. It's been a hectic week APS. And sorry we have been MIA. The cleaning company and the house have been running me like crazy. But this upcoming week we will be back on track in a major way. Special shout out to Dave, Rabbit, and Terry and his crew. Plus the new cleaners who have been getting it in. Regardless, I wanted to share a little of what we've been up too. And also how the house is coming along. So with that, I hope you enjoy!

  2. If I lived closer to Virginia I would hire Rabbit for sure. It’s hard for my husband to do these types of projects by himself. He’s very handy but somethings it requires two people. You guys are blessed to have each other. Good luck on your house flipping if you plan to sale I would suggest having it on the market no later than Aug. Most people don’t move between Nov – Feb. Also maybe get your real east’s license. It’s very easy. Just a few classes and they can not rob you on that 6%. On 200,000 that’s 12,000 right there. You only go a few nights a week for like 3 months. You are a hustler and that is a good strait to have when selling houses!

  3. Lmfao.. Joe: What is the wrap I need to put on a French drain? .. Why is Google showing me this woman?
    Rabbit: They thought you said French Whore. Bwahahaha

  4. You are such a good person.. I hope you and your wife are doing better. My thoughts to the both of you

  5. I don't eat much fast food so maybe I'm just not used to it, but I tried those bacon cheddar fries. The cheddar cheese is EXTREMELY salty. Like overpoweringly salty. The idea is good, but execution is lacking. Not to mention only a few fries on top get cheese on them then the rest is just regular fries. I think the salt from the fries, cheese itself, and the saltiness from the bacon is just too much.

  6. It’s so crazy to think 2 years ago I was watching just some guy on YouTube showing me how to to make a tattoo machine and now he’s the biggest prison related YouTube channel and owns his own business! Still love all the content man keep up the great/hard work!!

  7. Joe! I'm glad you feel good out working. That's what gives me piece of mind when I come home at night is that I've worked a hard days work but also made a difference. I used to be the foreman of a 14 story office building and it was very long hours but also rewarding in ways. I had a crew of 5 people and communication skills is something you have to pick up very quick regardless in the position I held. Most of them didn't speak English so I had to improvise by showing them. Some did what they where told and others didn't give a shit but as a supervisor/Foreman you had to find that middle ground. That was a great job and I gathered a great amount of knowledge from that company.

  8. About the police thing, tell me about it! I was pulled over and a cop searched my car because he claimed he "smelled marijauna" in it. I don't even do drugs. After that, I noticed them around every corner, creeping behind every tree. Shit, I check my shower and expect to see them spying on me.

  9. More bees are caught w honey than vinegar.. make employees feel appreciated not other way. Make them feel like family and never let them feel ur better than them

  10. Is rabbit a midget? He has to be . Society considerations definitely put him in the category of midget, u cant even classify him as being just short… definitely a midget!! Just gotta figure out what type of midget he is..

  11. I read a comment from danny on a social site saying the reason y he separated himself was due to money discrepancies with joe.. something bout the gofundme contributed funds.. i hope what i read isn’t true.. that would be some fucked up shady shit…

  12. Good luck on the french drain big Joe ….If you need any help and need info but there isn't just any corrugated pipe you can use or you will have more issues than what you think. Please DO NOT USE landscaping fabric for a french drain what you need is geo-textile fabric…. If you need more info look me up and I'll be gladly to answer any questions you may have…Please tell the guys that Hoosier Daddy Lawn Care and Landscaping said hello…Loyalty is KEY and you all have that among all of you!!! Keep up the good work guys !!!!!

  13. French drain is a trench with gravel poured into the trench where the dirt was taken out.. Better to put drain tile in and fill with gravel.french drain has a use where land is hills and tile can not be installed properly

  14. i worked for lowes for a few years. they dont train enough operators on machinery, and if the one guy with operators liscense goes on break any other department needing machinery is screwed. i held 3 operators certificatons and was not paid any more not only trying to maintain my department, but basically doing machine work for the entire store. most likely the flooring guy got tied up in plumbing due to the stupid spotting rule which is complete overkill aswell.

  15. Swearrrr😂…is "rabbit's" nick name rabbit b'cuz he 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️👁lik a bunny or ?
    Could someone clarify this for me. LOL
    thank you…
    from the bottom of my💓

  16. Good luck Joe, welcome to the world of "self-employment" . Prepare yourself to be work under the lights and getting home in time for bed. If you have one friend left and it is successful you will have beaten the odds. Most guys end up doing exterior work like Roofs, Siding, or Framing. Be praying for you.

  17. Damn joe, you always bitching about one first world problem afyer another, 😭"someone didnt show to work, i had to fire someone, i actually had to go to work and actually do something instead of having a bunch of convicts do it for me, so in the meantime im going to make video after video of me lying about my whole crew quiting, and the next day ill make one where i admit i lied, i only lost two people"
    Your going to drive this business into the ground of you keep trying to make up drama and shit for views, and if you keep drug testing and treating rabit like a no good addict, hes going to go find work somewhere else, a job where the boss isnt worried about how he words his videos, who isnt going to drug test you on camera, he will find a boss who doesn't throw their employees under the buss for some views, you can take the joe out of prison, but you cant take the prison out of joe, constantly exploiting his friends and taking advantage of them, all with a smile on his face, just like you did with every person you called friend in prison. You need to take a good hard look at yourself joe, before you loose everything again

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