Child Screams & Whines For ENTIRE 8 HOUR Flight | Fasten Your Seatbelt | A&E

A young child annoys passengers on a flight when he whines and screams for the full 8 hour trip in this clip from Season 1, Episode 4.

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Author: Rafael


42 thoughts on “Child Screams & Whines For ENTIRE 8 HOUR Flight | Fasten Your Seatbelt | A&E

  1. i honestly believe parents who allow children to act like that should be put on no fly lists. It ruins flights for 100s of people and the parents see nothing wrong with it.

  2. I never understand why some parents know their kid is gonna do this and still don't try and do anything. I don't care what anyone says but its called sleeping pills! If you are not comfortable doing that, give them a bunch of NyQuil then!

  3. Ya'll, let's talk about the parents for a sec? Sometimes babies just cry, for no reason at all! And even if you change them, feed them, play with them, give them something to distract them, they will still cry because they are BABIES! His parents must've been mortified and they can't smack him or scream at him because, number 1 that's abuse, and number 2 they would be swarmed by everyone on plane trying to wrestle that kid of of their arms to protect him… despite his screaming! And we don't know if that kid has autism, or some other type of disorder that would make him very upset, or maybe he's never been on a plane before and was freaked out by everything and everyone and was having a meltdown! They're so many reasons as to why kids cry, and for 8 hours it sounds like it wasn't just a tantrum or feeling 'antsy'.

  4. Why you need wifi with your ipad!!! It can be use offline for games and you can put on it movies before attending the flight? Those parents are idiots, didn't think to prepare the ipad with tuff on it for the kid!

  5. Parents with children under 8 years of age should have to purchase "discomfort insurance" so that if the flight crew certifies a situation such as this one, EVERY passenger gets a full refund.

  6. The mother is not a good mother. She had every opportunity to shut her kid up. They'd throw any adult out for doing that, but this dumb beach and her kid get to stay? hmmmm…. It's called you lightly spank your kid in front of everybody and that's just how you do it.

  7. oh I was glad I am deaf without hearing aids. NO problem for me. IF the child is next to me, I will deal with FA to move me to vacant in Business/First class at no charge.

  8. Lack of discipline much? I would've NEVER acted like this as a child….and the reason he's doing it? BECAUSE NO ONE IS PUTTING HIM IN CHECK. Talk about a parental failure.

  9. I have heard of stuff like this but never have I ever encountered such a willful child lol. I feel horrible for everyone involved. I was thinking that the airline must have earplugs to hand out right? And under those circumstances I would say that anyone that could help to entertain this child and hopefully distract him from his desperate attempt at becoming Satan then they should have offered lol. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to shut one up! Lol

  10. Hard to judge this one. The child may have some mental disorder rather than just the product of lack of discipline. I use to be a bus driver and it wasn't unusual to have babies and infants scream on top note. I had to put up with that but what use to annoy me was when that was happening seeing the parent (always the mother) glued to her mobile phone and totally ignoring the child.

  11. Many parents of my generation when I was a child used the TV as a babysitter so I guess since the technology has changed, a lot of parenting hasn't.
    Who in their right mind would give a three year old his own iPad 🤯.

  12. Who's the boss???? 76 years old and I have watched the decline of parenting and teaching your children proper behavior. I am not talking about uneducated adults. Las Vegas, NV October 15, 2021

  13. Again I don't really like stories that don't tell the ending. I realize they can't land quickly in the middle of the ocean but the parent should have been fined or something.

  14. I’ve dealt with non stop barking dogs 🐕 in kennels for 8hrs. Thank god for ear plugs, but THIS for 8hrs straight?!?! Oh no! I couldn’t take it anymore after 15 mins. I’m not going deaf 🧏‍♀️ over some undisciplined child

  15. Child is not behaved the mom is an enabler. I get it when a child screams or cries during take off or landing but comeone 8 hrs. Thats plain bad parenting. You are supposed to be a parent not a friend

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