Criss Angel Mindfreak: Criss as Doug Henning | A&E

Criss pays homage to one of the greats of modern magic. #CrissAngelMindfreak

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“Criss Angel Mindfreak” showcases master provocateur, Criss Angel, as he mystifies audiences with his ability to blur the lines between reality and illusion.

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Author: Rafael


48 thoughts on “Criss Angel Mindfreak: Criss as Doug Henning | A&E

  1. Very good Doug Henning illusionist would be proud of cool illusionist Criss Angel and David Seth kotkin and franz Harary and magic of reza and Bart kelly and Lance Burton and blackstone Jr and black stone and rjlacmagic and alhastings Alamazing and the pendragons and Ralph Adams and Melinda the First Lady of magic princess tenko Valintino leanered montano the masked magician Tina leanered Rebecca yen penn and teller and every illusionist

  2. I'm willing to believe that Criss thought he was paying homage with this act, but the problem is seeing him attempt to take on a Henning-esque persona is… cringe-worthy. Perhaps because there's such a huge contrast between the image that Doug Henning puts forward and the one Criss does?

    That conversation at the end, though, is the part that really bothers me, though, and I have absolutely no idea why…

  3. As a magician I respect both Doug and Criss. I think in fairness Criss did mean well but I also don't think he did a good job recreating Doug and his personality

  4. My friends and I (13-yr old aspiring magicians) snuck backstage after Henning's show in Houston around 1975. The stage manager kept telling us that Henning had left, but we kept pestering him. Henning heard all of this and came out to talk with us and give us his autograph. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy. As a side note, David Copperfield was doing close up magic on one side of the theater before the show. He was not famous yet.

  5. Gee Doug is my idol but this that just messed up Criss. Sound like you needed a little therapy there. You made him appear to be too spacy . Not very flattering.

  6. @Death2Gadaffi i know you did not just say that criss angle is a dushbag he is awsom and caling him things he is not is making you one criss is crazyasome,hansome,strong,and,sexy so get you facts strait

  7. how dare you profane the memory of doug henning. he is a thousand times the magician you'll ever be. just another reason why your the worse thing that ever happened to magic. for those of us that knew doug, he was the man. dai vernon god rest his soul, would agree.

  8. For all the smoke he's blowing up Doug Henning's late ass, I have to say this really came off as direspectfull and kind of douchbaggy. And I say that as someone who never particularly cared for DH's brand of magic.

  9. hi im a magician i want to ask something do you like criss angel. did you know that he's 40 i find this very disrespectful to doug henning i feel that t v needs a new magician send me a message on your opinions about criss

  10. @marioblasalegria I know how that is. I never had those things either, because at that time, nintendos, playstations and facebook didn't exist. All I had were pressed steel Tonka construction trucks, Lincoln logs, and tinkertoys. Today's toys deprive today's child of what we had to use in the past, imagination, because it's all programmed for them in those playstations and all the new junk they got !!!!

  11. I'm a 30+ year professional performer. I respect that Criss has done so well. Saying magic is "fake" is simply stupid. It's entertainment. It's all "fake." Magic is emotion. Movies, animation, dance, etc. are all "fake" in the sense that it isn't "real life."
    Having said that, my wife and I saw Criss in Vegas this past Oct. It was the worst, most disrespectful show I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. Criss was aweful, and the show was amateurish at best. Cirque wasted $ on this.

  12. Back then we hever had nintendoes, play stations or facebook or any of that stuff magic was our only real entertainment recently its gone big i was raise wth my mentors like Doug Hening i would come home and watch how he did it he was the best the rest of you all r a bunch of emoes and generation x rejects that dont k now good entertainment if it slapped you in the face good one Chris good one…

  13. Doug Henning was a true great magician, followed by people all over the world. Criss Angel is just a trend, somebody that the world will forget as Milly Vanilly or Ace of Base. It´s a shame that he did this episode because nobody laught and nobody got amazed. Poor guy, being famous for 5 minutes made him become insane, shame for the magic scene.

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