Danny Is Moving Out Of The State (Update)

In this video, we get an update on Danny. And he is moving out of the state. Wait till you see where he’s moving too…

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41 thoughts on “Danny Is Moving Out Of The State (Update)

  1. Regardless how some may feel, Danny has been a big part of APS. Together APS helped this man after the 40 years he spent in prison. Now he is moving from the apartment we helped him get and moving to another state with his wife. Another new beginning for this man, and I wish him nothing but success.

  2. I went jail when I was 17 years old Im now 59 years old I come out ov jail I was 55 years old I had done 38 years and 7 months that's one go I killed my step dad and his dad I been working hard for 3 years and opened my own buisnes last year I sell rubber tyers for trucks van cars, and hopefully I'm opening another tyers shop and if go all to plan I will have my first Million pounds 2023 March I come out of jail with 22 thousand pounds I received 5 thousand pounds from loan that helps ex cons with opening Buisnes I borrowed another 5 thousand from my brother who I have now payed back even didn't want it I still give it back to him I also buy and sell and rent cars on side along with rubber and most lifers I know own Buisnes and doing well a any way my point is when in jail you have a long time to think about what you are going to do when you come you make plans step by step to come out and do read buisnes books from library but why do some people come out and even after few years of coming out you other looking for a job or doing fuck all how when u had all that time to think about what you gona do I tell you why because some people was wasting there life sentence away hanging around waste people not reading books running around looking for tobbaco and coffee not saving them pennys spending all on tobbaco or coffee or owing double instead of taking double you is a right dummy you out now and still looking for work how I mean how u had all that time what is the difference if you was in there or out here what difference has it made you still don't have money left for tobbaco end of the week I mean Joe is different he only done 7 but his changing people life's and helping people but yeh you still want to show Joe you better then him Joe man come UK and the government will help you open up a scheme for release prisoners and they will give u a office they will give you funds you will be looked after because nobody wants to do what you do for people Joe may Allha Bless you my freind and if you ever come UK I'm Saj and I own K1 tyers I show you around all expenses I. Me I like what you do and that's a promise .

  3. Danny has so much potential. If he seeks the Christ with all his heart, God will use him powerfully and He would receive the glory.

  4. I just to say. I missed all the beef. Have no idea what it was . It doesn't matter. I am glad to see Danny again. So happy for you Danny. We never stop growing up and changing. I seen your very first video. You have come a long way. So proud of you and happy for you. Keep moving forward.

  5. Goodluck Danny wish you the best from one Boston guy to another go live life think twice! You have the rest of your life it's not about were you been but were you going in life someone said that to me when I was release keep your head up

  6. FACT CHECK DANNY SANCHEZ. I was in MA prison system between 72 & 92, mostly Walpole. In 10 Block 74 & 75. Screws flat-out don't hand knifes to inmates. here's plenty of racial tension, but cops clamp down before it reaches Riot status. Electric Chair was busted up in riot in early 70's riot, so Danny was not in cell next to it and "smell death." I heard it was in 9 Block, which is Protective Custody, so that would detract from Danny's "Beast" image. Last execution was 1947 in Charlestown Prison before Walpole opened. Chair was never actually used in Walpole. I only watched some of Part and could not stand any more lies. Wish I saw this 2 years ago. Fact check him.

  7. You both helped each other y'all were teen and just like the Beatles sometimes you got to go make your own records don't judge them cuz you don't know what he been through and he don't know what you've been through you built this up from scratch and yes you made a mistake and you got mad but most humans do you're human so I didn't make you any different get out there and help others it's a long journey you're on YouTube you're young baby you got a bunch of more years to go and there's a bunch more people in prison that need help and got their stories to tell and you let every damn one of them tell their stories because somewhere somehow each and every kid in the future generation is going to learn something cuz they're going to be in that situation everybody got a different situation and somehow someway this is all going to help them to be a better person so you keep doing what you're doing and yes it's going to be hard but this you're the first one okay at least you are the you and that big black guy was the first one so you got it going on you going to get this you be all right and you keep trying and don't let nobody see your money ever it's not their business what you make sound like stripping you know awaitressing or bartending you never let the other bartenders know what you make it's another business it's your money you work for it nobody taught you how to do that you started with nothing so for him to be mad he has no right you started with absolutely nothing at least he had 50 up jumps associating your company. Now you keep finding different people ask if they want to share their story let them know that there's children ,teens parents that need their side of the story . I am so fucking sick of parents, wives , husband's, potential employers that got their nose in the air cuz they don't know. There's so much to change with our prison system, and out exit and reintegrating that's a failure and each and every prisoner needs to be herd . You are the change that we want to be.

  8. Top 👍🏿💪🏿 i dont wonna see you ever fiht agian .😎 underwise the real Beast is comming over 🤨😋
    It was mend to be 💞 ;))

  9. I’m happy that he’s marry now God bless her and him May God keep them and preserve them guide them to your holiness Lord Jesus in Jesus Christ name Amen 🙏

  10. Pity the way danny and joe ended up and i realy only started watch aps because of danny bot he realy done joe wrong in the end i realy think joe had dannys best interests at heart bot saying dat man does 40 years i dont tink dat person ever realy trusts people again not saying everyone dat does long stretch in jail is like dat bot i tink d majority of them do struggle really hard

  11. I like Danny he seems a genuine nice fella. Respect for 40 years inside and he's come out alive and trying in this stressful egotistical material world. Go Danny God bless

  12. Sounds like Danny wanted a cleaner break from his past and decided to move on. He probably appreciates the help, but I'm not too sure that was really his life in that apartment. He moved on to a life of more freedom and movement. Nothing wrong with that. My guess is he will not want to be connected with YouTube much longer or the drama.

  13. His parents were very good ppl that were respected in their community his mom was a Boston cop and his father was a great guy and they had a lot of children. I never met Danny personally but we used to receive letters from him when i was married to a nephew of his. Hope he's doing well and trying to adjust to this new world. Prison life is very tough and to be in there as long as he has its hard to adjust. I pray he fixes things for himself and moves forward from the past.Anybody can change and learn to be better every day, there's no plateau i hope anybody reading does the same and knows its never too late to get better and it takes time but it's worth it

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