Day One Of Quitting Smoking

In this video, I want to share, my first day of going cold turkey on smoking. There is a lot of other stuff in this video as well. And I hope you enjoy!

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48 thoughts on “Day One Of Quitting Smoking

  1. Update: currently on day 4 of the no smoking. Day one was hell though. Also in this video a very awesome shout out to Jelico. He’s got some good things going on. And I try to take Griff around that sort of stuff…

  2. I tried to stop smoking bunch of times. Usually I use Nicorette gums, kinda like the burning in mouth. I smoke about the same like you – about a pack a day. When using Nicorette gums I use about 5 a day – they are kinda expensive and to use whole pack of gums a day costs like 3 pack of cigarettes. But what is very interesting that everytime I have no cigarettes and enter cold turkey I have a lot of flashbacks. Mainly from smell or taste of something. Can somebody explain to me why I have this? These flashbacks I couldnt experience when smoking and feeling (normal).

  3. When I got out I developed a nasty habit of smoking ciggerettes like weed to get a head rush it began to take a toll on my heath and I believe in God and am Christian and I repented for backsliding and abusing my body as well as going back to drinking do to many worldly temptation and after praying I had no more desire or urges all addictive Chains broken in the name of Jesus and have not drink or smoked in 2 years not even once . . . totally set free completely and my health is in tip top shape , prayer is powerful , repentance is beautiful thing despite what people may think, I pray everyday now , I served13 years and Jesus visited me in a miraculous vision and he is no fairytale and he's coming back soon , he came to set the prisoners spiritual free , there are many people physically free , but they are walking dead zombies spiritual prisoners . . . also he delivered me completely from pornography through my broken contrite prayer and repentance and I feel great and now I have been given the gift of healing and delivering others from all forms of addiction . . . before they set me physically free , Jesus set me spiritualy free . .

  4. Joe I seriously recommend you to try vaping with lowest nicotine or even no nicotine at all. This helped me to relief the stress and urge to smoke something and eventually I completely quit smoking. It helps me a lot and I wish you the best my man💪

  5. You should try vaping, its honestly the best thing ever when quitting smoking, its the exact same thing but you don't smell of smoke, you can breath, you don't get exhausted, you don't have a nasty cough, its just like being a non smoker, but you still get to smoke/nicotine hit, I smoked for near on 10 years straight, picked up a vape one day and for the first time realised that I could actually stop, 2 years clean and going strong

  6. You’re not quitting Joe you’re still relying on that nicotine, I know it’s a little negative of me but it’s the truth. I can say I quit smoking because I started vaping, but the problem still lingers regardless.

  7. I’m looking for work bad I wish I could get a job with him bad I have an interview with UPS tomorrow but I’ve always been around general contracting.

  8. bro, the more days u get the easier itll get. In the words of Master Yoda: Do, or do not. There is no try.

    You have done so much amazing shit Joe so i know you can do this

  9. I got an advertisement for tobacco candy lozenges but not for quitting smoking but to enjoy tobacco indoors. What?!?! So nicorrett is a joke…….

  10. Looks like griff doesn’t want to work. Kept disrespecting joe and acting like he didn’t want to be apart of the show. Jelico is doing so great I’m proud of him he definitely works really hard and it shows. Jelico, OG Dave or gay Dave, rabbit, Shannon and ju man is the best part of APS. Joe your helping me quit smoking too please do more updates so I can relate with you on this.

  11. It's brutal. I cold turkey twenty years ago. Never looked back. You gotta go through the physical then the mental. Then one day you won't even think of cigarettes.

  12. i quit in 1985. cold turkey on a challenge to an emergency room physician. my last cig i flushed down a toilet in the nude. snapped to attention while a recording played taps. never smoked again

  13. Anyone that can build a house with a rabbit and a brother in law- can do this . My daddy quit cold turkey after 70 years. He spent seven years McLean and sober.? He skied until he was 82. He said it he drives that he felt nervous about groggy driving. Do it for you!!

  14. What’s really hard is living w people and when you’re whole family smokes… I quit a couple months ago cold turkey for 2 weeks and then someone offered me one and then went from there smh… every time I try nicotine replacement it’s just not the same.. idk. I’m 20 started when I was 16. Im getting ready to quit again tomorrow. Gonna try working out instead of smoking.. but it’s hard when you can’t fuckin breathe 😂

  15. Patches… vaping.. gum.. none of that shit works. Youre still putting nicotine in your body and as long as you're doing that your addiction will never be gone. Embrace the week of pain. After that its easy.

  16. Vaping is definitely the most expensive way to quit smoking, I've been vaping for 10+ years, from 24mg liquid, now down to 6mgs, these days. I've tried cold turkey, cutting down on cigarettes, using Quest step down cigarettes, only had a patch once, it didn't work.

  17. So much props on the quiting the cigs man.i fell off from watching your vids for about 8months but the last week I have been trying to catch up really awesome to see that you are still making content and growing you dona great job you should b proud I wish I was a little closer to you guys I love all the positive things you do after being incarcerated for a few years myself .going through addiction and loosing a brother to addiction I would love the chance to work with you but terrific job Joe I wont fall off again on the videos and support prayers and best wishes

  18. Respect 🤜 I could only quit by vaping nick salt juice slowly weened myself off vaping helped me a 15 year 1 pack a day smoker quit don't buy juul garbage!! Buy pod system and nic salt juice slowly bring down the nicotine level slowly.

  19. I quit weed and alcohol 2 weeks ago.. I quit smoking cigarettes today.. Currently feeling the insomnia.. But I'm determined this time 100%!!

  20. Day one with no vaping I ain’t tryna die young this shit stressful asf but idgaf waiting to go to the gym n let off stress literally I hope I follow thru for myslef ❤️

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