Going To Talk To The Police Again…

Today, we go and talk to the police again yet this time in the city it happened in… But you won’t believe what they said they can do about it. Looks like this is the conclusion of the Bryan situation…

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Author: Rafael


20 thoughts on “Going To Talk To The Police Again…

  1. Do you realize that if Bryan sees this, you are letting him have every detail? You never want the other party to know what you're doing. Knowledge is power!

  2. Joe dude you have to walk in there with the exact law penal code he broke with your evidence and show excaly how this dumb ass broke that law and don't let them run you off cause they don't feel like taking a report talk to a damn supervisor if you have too…..cause the same exact case just made the news yesterday in Dayton Ohio they had a tornado and some guy just like Brian went around and scanned like 7 people out of thousands of dollars in repairs he just took the money and never came back and they just arrested his ass yesterday so it's a crime and look it up Ohio tornado scammer and see exactly what the charge was but I know it runs under theft and fraud but you need the exact penal code.

  3. Hire cheap you get cheap..if you were more into the project it would be going along smoother… You would be there to s supervise…and you are suppose to use other people's money as an investment…so you are trying to get it now

  4. Joe, you are doing the right thing by going to the police, but that is just my opinion. Screw what everyone else says. You are doing what is right for you. Besides that for the people that do not agree, let Brian into your houses, let him steal your stuff and see how you handle it. You all can say no you wouldn't go to the police but I bet you are all lying. You would go to the police as well.

  5. Im sorry to hear about your wife man. Shits weak. I hope she doesn't feel too awful it's not anyone's fault.

    House is too messy too much clutter and disorganization to work in imo, things will absolutely go more smoothly when someone comes to work on the place and sees that everyone who came before took pride in their work. Nobody wants to be the guy who ruins a good rally , if the place is already a shit show it will probably stay that way but doesn't mean you can't finish it well.

  6. Joe I'm sorry but at 7:20 I yelled at you to get your ass on that fucking roof and fix it!… Look man you can't expect people to come early in the morning to work on the house if you're not going to be there yourself. I really enjoy your channel and I really hope things work out for you, so do yourself a favor hire a reputable and licensed contractor

  7. Ont he real~ Just cause you're content on YouTube is bout Prison & yo convict days,,,,
    That don't mean you DTF on capers & that you're DTF on getting took/shook…
    F-that BS…
    Joe is a regular law abiding dude now, and he isn't expected to man^ & put hands on Brian.
    Report that shit because it was DOUBLE wrong. You helped & trusted him knowing dude was shady…
    **IMO dude needs to stop combining personal life w/ mofos' from his job(AfterPrisonShow)
    But I think that's guaranteed now….
    This AINT snitching!!!

  8. I been seeing so many videos of you bragging that you don't snitch and stuff and the last 3 videos i watch only you talk is about pressing charges on someone.lets your wife to do that. U need to be with God or with the devil. 🇵🇷

  9. Joe go to the sheriffs office closest to your hometown talk to them about what happened they’ll actually hear you out and help you file charges on Brian for what he has done to you I had the same problem when filing charges against an ex friend of mine who tried to live with me and get me caught up in drug trafficking but once I went to the sheriffs I actually got somewhere I know it’s a struggle but your doing the right thing buy pursuing to press charges don’t give up just slow down and breath

  10. I'm sorry it didn't work joe. For what it's worth you and your wife would be very loving parents.

  11. I hope that if you let Simone use your vehicle that you do not have your house keys on the keyring. Only the keys for the car.
    I used to go on test rides on motorcycles to steal them later and on test drive would go to locksmith and copy all of the keys. Never give your keys to anyone that you wouldn't want in your house.

  12. you are a fucking hero joe. Never mind on my PERSONAL opinion. Your show is about HOW TO AVOID PRISON AND HOW TO SURVIVE, not "BE A DOUCHEBAG AND RUN LIKE A COWARD" who knows maybe Bryan can be a return guest AFTER PRISON…

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