He Was Ready To END It All Behind Officer Megan Hall..?

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41 thoughts on “He Was Ready To END It All Behind Officer Megan Hall..?

  1. your most recent videos have been more or less hit and miss. This one is a hit. Glad i watched threw This one it as it made my day better with all the language and jokes lol

  2. This is her own personal life, I don't know why her situation is newsworthy. Why does she need to be nationality humiliated. Honestly its horrible. People just like to wag their finger like they are so much better than others. Guys will practically beg a girl to sleep with them, then call her a slut.

  3. This story with Megan just keeps getting more into Hollywood territory. She should really sit down and write a book, or even better a TV or movie script, then sell it off to a studio. She'll make millions with it. That police department also is crazy. I won't be surprised if Megan drops the biggest bomb yet–that their police chief is in on this as well. Honestly I won't be surprised by then.

  4. “See slim SHUT UP B*TCH IM TRYNA TALK Hey slim that’s my girlfriend screaming in the trunk but I didn’t slit her throat I just tied her up see I ain’t like you cause if she suffocates she’ll suffer more than she’ll die to well gotta go I’m almost at the bridge now oh sh*t I forgot how am I supposed to send this sh*t out”

  5. Heyy Joe keep up the good work here is the lyrics from Eminem “STAN”
    Hey Slim, that's my girlfriend screamin' in the trunk
    But I didn't slit her throat, I just tied her up, see I ain't like you
    'Cause if she suffocates, she'll suffer more, and then she'll die too
    Well, gotta go, I'm almost at the bridge now
    Oh shit, I forgot, how am I supposed to send this shit out?

  6. Just goes to show. Cops are people too. They act all superior (well most) but they bleed red and they break laws too. They just don't get in trouble for it.

  7. Joe that editing with the people sliding from the bottom is hilarious. I can’t handle your comedy Hoe! Keep dumping as the young kids say!

  8. Nah, Hall. We seen Jed. "Guys that'll stick their dick in anything" aint the problem. It's a lady that'd let ANYONE stick their dick in her.

  9. I just have no patience for the whole ‘you must stay with me, or I will kill myself and it will be your fault’ bullshit. Relationships (be that affairs or just regular stuff) end all the time. It bloody sucks. You get over it and get on with it, as nobody owes you a damn thing.

    Someone staying with you out of fear you’ll hurt yourself is not a relationship, it’s a manipulationship.

  10. And yearh, "Son of a Preaherman" is a song by Dusty Springfield… goes something like this: "The only Boy, who could ever reach me, was the son of a "Preacher Man". The only Boy who could ever teach me, was the Son of a "Preacher Man". yes He was… He was… uhhh, yesss He was!!"

  11. I drink a 5th of vodka you dare me to drive!
    But I didn't slit her throught, see I ain't like you , cause I tied her up so she will suffercate then she'll die to. We'll gotta go almost at the bridge now, oh shit I forgot how am I gonna send this tape out.

    Take you jerry springer and beat cha ass legally 🤣

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