Hoarders: Jake Fights His Anxiety & Shirley Finds A Skunk | A&E

Jake works with Dr. Fields outside struggling to make decisions about getting rid of video games and video game system. #Hoarders

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Hoarders not only captures the drama as experts work to put each hoarder on the road to recovery but also highlights the individual’s inner challenges and triumphs. Although cleaning marks the first step of tackling this disorder, success is not definite. At the end of each episode we’ll find out who has been able to keep their hoarding behavior under control and who has fallen into the deep end of this painful disease.

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Author: Rafael


38 thoughts on “Hoarders: Jake Fights His Anxiety & Shirley Finds A Skunk | A&E

  1. I collect and restore old video game systems. This made me sad as I had like 25 genesis models at one point lol. In a box not scattered around at least

  2. Shirley going to heaven idc what anyone says it takes a god heart to give up your home so cats have shelter and can eat when no one wants them anymore.

  3. Just saw this episode again for the 5th time at least and Jake still breaks my heart. Every time I watch this episode I feel for this guy. It is good to know that apparently things have gotten much better for him and I do hope he publishes the book he previously said he was writing. May he get all the love and support in the world

  4. why does he have to get rid of his games exactly, i have many many, consoles, and many more games and my apartment doesn't look nearly that bad, in fact its perfectly clean

  5. im sorry about breaking and getting rid of game systems is a stupid thing you have to keep your video games dude and your systems…. They can be cleaned and they will play again dude.

  6. Cliche Drama Queen with no real tears. He's just playing a game with the Hoarders Professionals. He has no imagination – he fried them, so he has no value of real-life.

  7. C'mon…Genesis with Sonic and Knuckles should be kept…I don't know this guy's situation but as a dude who collects old stuff I don't think you should be forced to get rid of childhood memories like that. A lot of these hoarding shows are just people with 50,000 packets of ketchup and 23 air conditioners and nowhere to sleep, which requires drastic measures., but in this case, if those good old 16 bit memories mean that much to him, let him keep the goddamn thing.

  8. Repentant homosexuals yes, but not practicing homosexuals who think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

  9. I was really proud that the producers did a show with an openly gay kid and his boyfriend so early on. Obviously he has huge issues with anxiety and OCD–it's heartbreaking to watch how hard this is for him! But I was rooting for him the whole time :}

  10. @WorshipInTruth So basically, sin was created to prevent you from doing it, yet you still do it all the time? Wow… your religion fails bro.

  11. @trat1x Who said I am a "goodie goodie boy"? I am a wicked sinner, the only difference is that I feel sorrow for my sin and seek forgiveness for my actions from the Most High.

  12. Ummm video game systems actually are worth something if you hold on to them for years so I wouldn't get rid of one either unless you really need to.

  13. @WorshipInTruth (ctd) and then bringing his son back from the dead, despite the fact that there's no modern day evidence for any of this is completely bat-fucking crazy and the sign of an immature adolescent mind, like still believing in the tooth fairy or Santa. The vast majority of humans could barely find their buttcrack 2000 years ago and though the world was flat. To make a religion based on such nonsense is the sign of at best an immature mind, at worst a crazy one.

  14. @WorshipInTruth Ha ha! You're adorable. Can I keep you? I don't hate Christianity. I just realized that blindly believing in a big invisible guy in the sky who did a bunch of completely crazy shit that's only evidenced in an ancient book written by humans, supposedly impregnating a virgin, having his son killed to forgive the humans he created for their "wickedness" despite his omniscience (ctd)

  15. @WorshipInTruth A belief in Christianity strikes me as far more of a psychosis than a sexual orientation other than heterosexuality. (I used to be Christian, but I recovered. Still gay, though, and find that much less unhealthy than Christianity ever was!)

  16. omg I just watched this episode. This damn kid needs to learn to govern himself with reason instead of emotion, he's like the most emotional person I've seen on this show but he seems like he's reasonable underneath.

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