Hoarders: THREE Homes Filled with Hoarded Items – Full Episode (S6, E6) | A&E

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Carla has hoarded out three homes. Her family is trying to get her to at least clean out one of the houses so she can make a new start in life in Season 6, Episode 6, Manuel & Carla (#73). #Hoarders
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In Hoarders, Professionals try to help people who compulsively hoard possessions.

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Author: Rafael


49 thoughts on “Hoarders: THREE Homes Filled with Hoarded Items – Full Episode (S6, E6) | A&E

  1. After watching a bunch of these already Carla was the only person so far I got emotional for. She was so clearly in pain but also not hurting others she was hurting herself. My empathy spiked I feel like she was so genuine and she deserves so much better. I hope she finds someone who loves her and treats her right because she’s sweet and beautiful for her age. I agree with all the negative comments about the couple and Manuel and everything but I just wanted to recognize her too

  2. If you can't afford a baby sitter you shouldn't have children and to leave them in a disgusting bug infested mess then you deserve to have your children taken

  3. I'll say it again the major M.O. of a hoarder is SELFISHNESS SQUARED !!!!!!! These people are disgusting. I feel for their kids and grands but I have NO sympathy for the hoarder at all .

  4. They knew about the condition of the house they don’t want to admit it. They are way to comfortable, and they don’t seem shocked at all.

  5. It is NOT the grandparents fault. Keep having kids when you can’t afford daycare……dumb parents. You have to fill out paperwork to adopt a dog from a shelter…….ANYONE can have a baby. Poor kids

  6. How does Carla survive winters in Oklahoma without a door? That house in uninhabitable just by virtue of the fact that it does not have a door, and it's in Oklahoma, where winters go below freezing for 110 to 140 days in a year.

  7. How did Manny's hoard "spill over into John and Janellen's house"? Were John and Janellen not living there? Were they not aware that their house was just as bad as Manny's? They did not even have beds for the kids. How is Manny the primary caregiver if he's just "babysitting"? What were John and Janellen doing that kept them so busy/away? Were they living away from their own house? Was it really Manny who made John and Janellen's house a complete dump? This episode is so weird. To me, there just seems to be something wrong with John and Janellen and how Manny's taking all the blame.

  8. the ex-wife clearly didn't live THAT far since she was able to go over there. sure would like to see her place. if she was so concerned why didn't she offer to let them stay with her or even offer to help clean or support them? obviously very angry about the other woman!

  9. honestly the only people i feel bad for is carla and liz. carla just wants to fix her problems and live without the hoarding. liz is trying but her husbands ex and her stepson's wife just keep yelling at her and blaming her for things when she's really the only one that's taking any responsibility and helping.

  10. omg he's like it's like 100 degrees in Carlas house. I didn't believe him until DR. Green started dripping lol… Jesus. not even 5 minutes and she's literally in a pool of sweat.

  11. "We couldn't afford a babysitter so we had no one else to watch them" Girl bye, you live in Texas it's called apply for CCMS or find a daycare that has the CAN program. Y'all just didn't want to pay for daycare you wanted somebody to do it for free so miss me with the bs. How the grandmother wants to blame the state for removing the kids is beyond me. It's the responsibility of the parents to make sure their kids are in a safe environment whether they in the care of the parents or not. They knew the state of the home and sent their kids there anyway so yes they should be charged as well. Especially since the parents home was just as dirty as the grandparents TF!!!

  12. Proof hoarding is a familiar and community issue. It effects generations and the village that is supposed to raise children. When it is broken it just spreads broken.

  13. If you can't afford a baby sitter and both have to work, have the hoarder father come to your house to watch the kids, don't deliver them into that crapola. Oh wait, I just saw how they live. Nevermind. Why do they hold Manny responsible and why were the kids removed from the parents? Because of their own home. Shame on them for blaming Manny. These parents needed a professional to tell them that their kids need beds? Please.

  14. Even IF the parents' house was in suitable condition for their kids (which it wasn't), it would have STILL been primarily their fault for knowingly and continually leaving their kids in that kind of environment. Dude says "We didn't have money, we didn't have a choice." When it comes to the safety of your kids, you can figure something out better than that. If you can't, you DESERVE for them to be taken away. Manny was not totally blameless, but the parents' are the real reason for their own kids getting taken away.

  15. Watched this episode and was totally appalled at how the son and daughter in law blamed the father…their house was their main residence and looked horrible…they didn't even have beds. I was a little upset the doctor didn't point that out as the son was screaming at his dad saying it was all his fault, they need to take ownership of their behavior, their house, and the lack of attention to cleaning.

  16. John got issues how dare he yell and get angry when he could have cleaned his own house and had his father just watched them there in a clean house

  17. Carla is just a deeply deeply sad woman. No one deserves abuse and I think she just lost all her self-worth and got complacent living in garbage and treating herself like that. I wish nothing but full and healthy recovery for her.

  18. Nosotros los abuelos no tuvimos esos niños es fácil y cómodo echarle la culpa a uno la responsabilidad es de los papás ellos los tuvieron se hacen responsables o no tienes la culpa los abuelo la casa es de uno como este punto hijo son tus hijos punto

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