How Much Does It Cost To Be In Prison?

How much does it cost to be locked up? How much does it cost for prisoners to be in jail or prison? In this video, we are going to talk about this and the most expensive jail I’ve ever heard of!

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46 thoughts on “How Much Does It Cost To Be In Prison?

  1. I want u check out a story ita awful Turbeville prison in south Carolina video just reliesed were guy was stab and co were walk over him watch him bleed too death for 40 mins I want see if u just check it out in try bring awareness I just came home from prison doing a year and ita bad in sc it's on WMBF NEWS CONWAY SC TURBEVILLE PRISON

  2. holy crap im glad i was born in new zealand! funnily i also spent 7years of my 20sinside.and i actualy did have a brain tumer and had to go to hospital fora month for op and recovery with 2 screws with meat all times. all our hospitals are public so everyone here is legally entitled tofree healthcare rich and poor, and us aswell. and the prison is responsible for all health care even dental. and we would go to medical to see guys in other units for fights or deals or just to catch up with mates in other units. and fuck paying for rent they give every inmate a wage even without doing anything its been 13years since i was realesed even back20odd years ago the unemployed got afew bucks a week . when youre released youre given a steps to freedom check that socialwelfare give you 350 to get u trough 2 weeks andits illegal for any of it be taken even for fines its garenteed for your livingexpenses and every citizenis given welfare after that

  3. oh yeah love your show joe ,down to earth unlike alot of tossers who think theyre all that and feel the need to puff out thier chest and think theyre big toughies for going inside automatically

  4. Dang got to pay 💰 to stay in jail and oh well 😔 I am never going to jail and wow 50 dollars 💵 a day and 100 dollars 💵 booking fee for this jail in Ohio oh wow glad this scam got shutdown

  5. This is happening right now in Simpson County, KY.
    Who do you contact to report this?
    Because it IS absolutely ridiculous.
    Plus, they take half of commissary money.
    Say your family puts $20 on your books, there is a $10 "fee"

  6. It’s not the taxpayer footing the bill guy. It’s your SSaccount. They rob your social security account.

    The prosecutor went and pulled a “surity bond” in your name attached to your SSaccount. When you entered you plea they then invested that bond on the stock market. The market then looked at your case and literally placed bets on whether you would win or lose your case based on the merits of the case.

    It’s just like any other bet. They split the odds and either win big or lose. Some will be betting on you losing, others will bet on you winning. Either way that bond is what makes these asshats come after you.

    You gotta get that bond from the prosecutor BEFORE she can put it on the market. Once a plea is in that bond goes into “play”.

    Get that bond and they have nothing to want from you.

  7. Indian River County Florida, does the same thing. When you get sentenced they impose a $50 a day fee plus $2 a day for food, as well as $25 booking fee, $10 each time you need an inmate ID. It’s pure extortion, if you ever get a settlement, inheritance, or win the lotto they will take the money back owed right away. You also will get collection calls non-stop until you pay the fees imposed. It’s absolutely crazy they get away with this!!!

  8. In Woodbury county Iowa they charge 55 dollars a day and right across the river in Nebraska they pay you each day you are in jail so each day you spend in jail they pay a little of your fines

  9. Best buisness ever. Tax payers pay for it, goverment gives you money to jail people, you sell em expensive shit, use them as slave labor, hire overpayed babysitters to beat them and get them to get themselves more times. Invest in your local private jail folks.

  10. I was searching "how much it cost to detain a prisoner a year" and found your channel.

    Damn it's complicated.. and 30-60 grands per inmate annually? That's insane.. and the inmates still have to pay? Omg

  11. Joe I think its Rediculous to charge people in prison! If our taxes pay for it than that should be enough. If someone can afford to pay for luxury than that money should also go to items for prisoners that are non violent that cannot afford items. But hey you seriously raise some interesting important awareness to this world Joe! I really think you should be our next president! Screw the fact you probably cant because of your record because look at all the criminal activities the real politics get away with!! Keep up the good work buddy! Wait…i said non violent….i change my mind. Everyone who really has changed after years of being locked up that really deserve a second chance should get the items too.

  12. I did 3 years got released and i was able to get food stamps i even let my social worker know i was just released maybe I was just lucky

  13. I was inspired to find out the answer to my question, after I came across a (dumb) comment, in which someone stated that a person who spits on someone else, should do 6 months to a year in jail.

  14. I really enjoyed the video, but I got to be honest here, I have never watched a video on YT at such a low volume before. 😂 I practically had it turned down all the way.

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