I Forgot About My Prison Pen Pals…

I could justify this a lot of different ways but the truth of the matter is I forgot about my prison pen pals. And in this video, I share with you 5 emails I received from Doug. A guy who is serving 1800 years in prison. And someone I haven’t wrote to in about 4 months. The last email he sent to me and what he said in it is something that I have to take responsibility for. And own. But also, one where I am going to honor his final request.

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Author: Rafael


33 thoughts on “I Forgot About My Prison Pen Pals…

  1. Joe I can’t believe you ghosted this man who you went out of your way to contact. He made it clear in the beginning probably to protect his feelings and you ignored him. You don’t have to write much to make his day.

  2. Watchin this I feel bad for the guy! It doesnt take long to send him a reply and even if its just to tell him you dont wanna talk anymore. Its only fair! All his messages to you were polite and he deserves an answer. Not sure if you replied to him in the end but it wouls be the right thing to do!

  3. No matter how you put it, Joe's at fault here. Had to be forced in a corner to admit he had totally ignored Doug's mail. Yeah he sent cash, but nobody put a gun to his head. Go back and watch the first few months of APS, then as time goes by you see a BIG change in Joe, from asking his friends to do piss tests and just leaving lifers hanging because Joe can't be bothered to respond.

  4. Nothing good comes out of talking to someone in prison. I used to pen pal this one guy who did a ton of mess! He’s still in prison no doubt, but I learned he’s a liar and manipulator. I don’t regret forgetting about him!

    Also I have no right to tell you what to do with your money, BUT money should go to something more useful like a Cancer center or someone who does good. He’s in prison because he did wrong so he deserves NOTHING.

  5. Late comment, but that Doug guy only asks you for money. Just drop that "pen pal" he's probably doing the very same thing to 10-20 people.

  6. He’s angry at life. But he’s the one who fucked up, not you Joe. So take what he’s saying not to heart. You do what you can Joe. Your not God. You can’t make shit happen rubbing two stones together! And I feel if you don’t end this now, he’s never gonna stop asking/wanting your money.
    Hug’s n Love from Canada xoxo 🤗♥️🤗

  7. Joe, shame on you for forgetting your roots including your colleagues in prison, just because you're out! That's mean spirited. You even dumped Jericho and Danny when they were still free. You're horrible. I cannot believe how you still associate with these lifers. They mean nothing to you. The only reason why they are contacting you is because they want to use you for something. Don't be a sucker. Dump them. They are worthless. They are gonna drag you down until you're back in prison. When you see their letters mailed to you, don't even read it. You will be guilty by association and they will betray you with badmouthing you like Danny did telling everyone you scammed him of $9,000 of his money, which is a lie. Stop associating with them.

  8. You don’t owe that MURDERER NOTHING. You shouldn’t have felt bad about this joe. You don’t owe him nothing! Mans is just using you for money. He asked for money every single letter. Guys a clown. 👎🏼

  9. My question is why do people in prison need so much money? This is the only video I watched on this so maybe he has spoken about this before. Does doug have a job in there? Why don't they pay them enough to buy their own food?

  10. Sure seems like doug is mad a money stream dried up. As self centered as his letters are i dont think he understands where hes at

  11. I would write to homeboy. You should start posting these people's contact info/addresses +inmate numbetrs or whatever and if you already do that, please tell me where I can find the info. I'll put a few bucks on his books as well as others. Please advise.

  12. I'll be honest, id never send a prison pinpal money if they ask for it. I will for holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving such and such. Like 20 bucks. However if they've ever asked for money they'll never get a cent period. I'm not a piggy bank, ill write letters to give inmates shit to look forward to like I looked forward to it when I was locked up

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