I Survived: Bridget/Daryl/Ryan B. And John – Full Episode (S1, E1) | A&E

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A series that tells the real-life stories of people who faced life-threatening events, yet somehow found the courage and strength to survive against all odds. #ISurvived
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“I Survived” takes viewers on a journey into the experience of being a victim of a sudden crime, from the moment those attacked first perceive the danger through the potential long-lasting effects.”

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40 thoughts on “I Survived: Bridget/Daryl/Ryan B. And John – Full Episode (S1, E1) | A&E

  1. Those boys that fell asleep in the plane were put to sleep by something not CO and that’s what helped them survive. It’s like their bodies withstood that impact somehow. God or guardian angles. Coincidence the ones that fell asleep survived.

  2. NEVER go with someone in a car. In Bridget's case, she lived in an apartment complex- she could have screamed "fire" and likely gotten someone's attention. I would much rather do that and be shot in public than be taken to an ATM, potentially raped or beaten and then shot in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, when you are in shock like that's it's hard to be rational. Your Cro-Magnon brain takes over and you have more simplistic thoughts.

  3. My heart broke so much for Ryan. Having ur bestfriend die laying on top of u for warmth. 😭 Bless his heart & everyone on these shows. Some of these were heart wrenching.

  4. The bravery and survival of these people is amazing. The woman who was shot 3x, the man caught in the snow by a rescuer who was led by the spirit of his deceased son. It’s truly miraculous. God is so good

  5. May this never be useful.

    If stranded in the snow with any container you can close, put snow into your water container. Put the container into your sleeping bag/ coat without directly touching your body, especially nowhere that you can feel your pulse. Think behind your knees or near the most insulated part of your body.
    It will melt over night without sapping much of your heat. The water you then drink will be near your own body teperature so you don't lose much heat when you ingest it.

    Don't eat snow. It drops your temperature very quickly.

  6. I’m so sorry you had go through that, I pray for strength through all of your healing i wish I could hug you all 😢 🙏🏾

  7. The strength that the people in this series have is shockingly amazing. But when the survivor talks about not giving up, finding a way to fight through it – I can not help but think of those that didn't make it. I am quite sure that many of them gave it their all as well. My Mom always said, "when it's your time to go- it's your time to go" So simple, so true- we all "will go" in the end. Wishing anyone who reads this, all the best in life & thanks for reading through my novel of a comment, lol

  8. I hope Ryan realizes the comfort he must have provided his dying friend in his final moments of life. He did not pass away cold and alone. That’s a true friend. I pray he heals from any trauma. I hope they all do.

  9. I lived in Killeen when this happened but was super young. Crazy to have this pop up and out it together. So glad she survived

  10. You can't compare someone's dumbass ideas of driving on a mountain road when they advise you not to where no one else is driving because of a horrible storm you can't compare that to someone getting abducted shot and raped….. Old boy in the jeep was there because of his own stupidity so worried about water when he's in the mountains where the majority of water that you drink out of your little plastic water bottles comes from! surrounded by snow! Smh

  11. Daryl idk y, he didn’t do anything on the first days Instead he was waiting for somebody to come and rescue him come on now that happened because he won the thing to happen To him come on now.

  12. It takes a special person to get dehydrated surrounded by snow… With a car he was hunkering down in, and heating up… Just wow dude

  13. Darryl…. if it ever happens again, light your spare tire on fire. it will send a smoke column up that SOMEONE is coming to investigate!

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