I Was Facing The Death Penalty…

In this video, we get the opportunity to meet Ryan Fredrick. A man who I did a video about almost 3 years ago. And someone who was facing the death penalty. But would only end up serving a 10 year prison sentence. This is the craziest story you will ever hear.

Link to original video: https://youtu.be/NESNrVZP420

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Author: Rafael


25 thoughts on “I Was Facing The Death Penalty…

  1. I want to thank Ryan for sharing his story with AfterPrisonShow. This is the first time he has told his story and his story is truly the craziest one I have ever heard and I imagine the craziest story you have ever heard as well. If anyone would like to reach out to Ryan personally, his email is Ryanfrederick1979@gmail.com

  2. What a heartbreaking story. The loss of life, the loss of freedom, forgiveness, a kind of miracle that saves his life at the beginning. It's all there. And a great interviewer who lets the story be told.

  3. Wow this is a very sad story,I feel bad for this guys,and is something that it can happen to anyone,well some one like me I don't think be course I'm a tipe of guy that I prefer to not having a weapon even for defense,I don't like guns,but something and a lot of good people out there that they are carrying guns and anything can happen,God bless this guy very much and family and I hope he can just move forward and live a normal life,that's the mean reason why people hate cops, course they lie so much and like this guy there are a lot of prisoners that are inocente at this time,well it always existed and I'm glad to that he didn't whent to death throw and ghet kill couse of that case,and with what reason that cops whent and broke in to his house at that time in night,do he never think about the worst this k I can happen if he brakes in to someones home 5hat late at night and knowing that people can ghet shot and ghet kill,that was a very stupidity move from the cop

  4. If you enter my home, it’s a possibility you get shot. The officers should have gone to his house with a search warrant, knock on the doors, left a card to call them if no reply try a second time and if after all that then bust in the house. Of course that will give you time to get rid of whatever if that’s the case.

  5. Did they go into why the cops were at his house in the first place? Did I just miss them telling why the cops came in the first place and why the fuck was that cop breaking thru this dude's door? It just seems like such a stupid thing to do. If I'm a cop and I'm going to a house where I believe the occupants are dangerous enough to warrant going to said house in the middle of the night to no doubt catch him off guard just for me to loudly bust a hole in the front door and then slide thru half way head first unable to protect myself should dude, you know come out with a gun? Why in the HELL wouldn't they announce themselves and bust thru the door like a swat team does. What did they expect this guy to do? Wait until the cop got into the house and then have him identify himself? Hell no, I see someone crawling thru a fucking hole in my door that they just put there and haven't tried to identify himself first, I'm shooting too. Fucking stupid. I don't want to say the cop deserved it but he sure as hell wasn't very smart. Nobody has the right to do that kind of shit, cops included.

  6. Over some weed?? Man sorry but this is why I’m all for the decriminalization of weed. Ridiculous. This guy is growing some pot plants in his house and a plainclothes Officer busts into his home in the middle of the night over a few pot plants? This sounds insane. Crazy. We have the right to bear arms for this very reason. If someone busts into your home in the middle of the night, Unannounced, you have a right to protect your home. I can’t believe this man spent a day in jail. Sucks! You can tell from listening to this guy that he’s not a violent man and not someone who would have even shot that gun had he known it was a police officer. I don’t even understand how this man could’ve been charged with 1st degree murder. First degree requires you to prove that the crime was in some way premeditated. How can this crime be considered premeditated??

  7. Ryan…wow…your gentle spirit, your unwillingness to spoil the present by resenting the injustices of the past, I find so refreshing. Though at great expense to you, what this whole experience has produced is a man whose sympathetic kindness—even toward those who are entrenched in falsehoods regarding him—that has the promise of being infectious. Thank you, sir.

  8. I've watched up to 18 minutes so I don't know what happened after that BUT from what I have heard it sounds like this guy doesn't deserve to go to prison at all. Since the american justice system is most likely very corrupt I assume they most likely embellish the story and add "facts" that never happened in order to make the suspect look bad. I never forget listening to a story about a guy who said something stupid on a video game. Says something dumb (like a terror threat) and then says he's joking and will never do it at the end. Court clips the ending and just shows the jury what he says so their decision is based on that. Guy gets 10 years. It's all bollocks.

  9. Why haven't the police learned to stop doing raids in the middle of the night when people are sleeping you've got a case in Kentucky now where young lady was killed and it happens all over the United States but yet they keep doing the raids at night no-knock warrants are a bad idea

  10. I'm not calling this guy a liar but I've worked around some inmates and everyone one of their stories is just like this. Everyone of them got screwed over just like this guy. It's hard to know what to believe. Usually they're in prison for a reason.

  11. I'm sorry not sure if I will get any hate but I don't believe this man should have got anything!! Someone is breaking into your home coming through a hole in your door?? I would have either booted his head in OR shot him!! He was protecting himself when did that become a crime? Cops come to your residence they are suppose to say who they are and if you don't open your door THEN they break in!! Damn this could happen to anyone, anywhere very scary. I feel so bad for this guy 😔 I feel bad for the cop who lost his life as well please don't get me wrong but he didn't know it was a cop!! RIP to the police man, and my condolences to his family and friends. A life was lost that could never be replaced.

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