Is Griff Staying Clean..?

Today, we go and see Griff and see if he has been staying clean since we last saw him. You will be shocked to hear what has happened and how he has been…

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43 thoughts on “Is Griff Staying Clean..?

  1. Also this dude was hiiiiiigh as hell in his voice messages to me. All slurred and shit. Just cannot stand him oh and I’m a recovering addict I get it. But “I’m a sweater” cmon dude

  2. I know how griff feels . It’s not easy to stay clean but addiction is a disease it’s not something you can’t control or beat something you live with day by day and learn to combat I have been clean and sober for 15 years and by the grace of God it’s day by day hour by hour sometimes minute by minute. There are good ppl out there who need help there just to afraid to get it because the stigma attached to being addicted to drugs alcohol whatever your poison and ppl keep using because they feel they don’t have anything else to lose which is sad.

  3. I am often pretty negative with respect to the people Joe tries to help. However, I must give credit where it is due. Griff seems to have the proper attitude and perspective with respect to the issues he is dealing with. I think he is going to make it.

  4. It Took Me 4 years To Get Honest Griff, Stop Bullshitting To Yourself Man ,The 1st Step Will Get You Clean But The Rest Of The Steps Will Keep You Clean, You Cant Give Away Something You Don't Have ,Sounds Like Your Too Smart , & Try The Program & You'll Learn About Yourself.,23 Years In April 1 Day At A Time ….Lets Not Talk About It Ha Ha .Front Up Dude & Get Honest ,Its Not Easy But Its Worthwhile Mate

  5. "Just because people are struggling doesn't mean they are not good people" I needed to hear that to remind myself! I'm in the beginning stages of my recovery, been about 2 months in the making but, you gotta start somewhere! Griff, you're not alone, stay strong! I'm fighting the same battle as you and I know that every single day is a struggle!

    PS Joe: I wrote you guys on your Facebook page, idk if you ever check your messages on there.

  6. Lived in Montana most of 40 years of my life . We had 8 framers one election me as plumber had to undergrads to in internship for free to get there journeyman’s licens we had 3 months for each apartment Complex 6!stories but we made deadline and company kicked back 88 thousand for 25 workers but all workers were all executives no actual workers got a thank you card and have a nice holiday. I QUIT THAT JOB THAT DAY WITH SABOTAGE OF EQUIPMENT. Also found out was lied about business license so for fined 4600 buck I’m still paying on and my boss moved to Guam and can’t find him. I

  7. Griff manipulating all that n.a. terminology to vindicate his using. Herion addicts and junkies never change . My mother was one, she had excuse for everything. LIKE griff…lol
    Stay the HELL away from THEM they are manipulators and and always play the victim..LOL.

  8. the sweating is from opiates dude lol number one withdrawal symptom and post acute withdrawal that lasts years exist,,,,july 7th ill have 4 years off heroin so i speak from experience,,,dude would do well on suboxone but its expensive,,,like $800 a month expensive

  9. Bro i feel for the dude !! Anyone that would admit they still have problems with addiction deserves to be heard out and trusted given another chance remember there are alot of people that are in his exact situation. I don't Know him but he seems to be a pretty straight forward dude. Talking about your own addiction puting it all out there for anyone is hard as hell to do!

  10. Joe, thank you brother for another great video. I have faith that Griff will pull through. His biggest battle is spiritual.

    Also, I just checked out your website and it looks great. As a fellow artist, the temporary tattoos are brilliant. Have you ever considered selling caricatures as temporary tattoos? Have people send in a picture of themselves or a loved one and make it for them. Your skills are amazing and hopefully this will generate some mullah. Peace be with you. GOD Bless.

  11. And he isnt blasted in this video it's easy to tell like the first video he was in he was lit!! To be honest he really isnt that bad he could stop easy of he wanted it because he isnt all sunk in he isnt super skinny and he is atleast maintaining he would be on the street robbing if he was really bad

  12. lmfao…joe stop being so mean to this guy…. could you be anymore obvious? lol this guys so desperate to be friends and Joe's so cautious…I get it with the past guest and all but you dont even try to seem like a friend. just the vibe I'm getting lol. definitely can tell dude stole one of Joe's soups back in the day.

  13. Iv tried so many times to quit nicotine and ALWAYS I'm a few months in and bum a few smokes off a friend while drinking and instantly addicted again. NOPE is a good motto for people trying to quit. Never one puff ever.

  14. First have to say Griff is the only person when talking has NEVER looked into the camera. He’s ALWAYS looked to the side like he’s talking to someone beside you. I’d have a hard time not moving my head around. **Kootoe’s! When Griff started talking about the *Name of the Book*…… all them BIG words, I wanted him to keep talking about it. Griff’s philosophy knowledge is amazing. I’d never be able to read the book cuz I wouldn’t know every 4-5 word. Lol
    And Joe anyone who cares about you won’t be upset you started smoking again cuz we all mess up. You’ll quit again when your ready And next time may be the last time. I’ll support you either way. (Oh and Griff didn’t know you didn’t tell us. I’m sure just like Griff some of us didn’t know either, don’t be upset).
    And It seems that Griff has fallen of the wagon a few times. And the next time he does anything, hopefully it will be his last time. We are only human.
    Hug’s and Love from Canada xoxo 🤗♥️🤗

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