Is What I Did Snitching?

Today, we have a major update on Bryan and what the police told us… but also we talk about if what I did was snitching?

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Author: Rafael


49 thoughts on “Is What I Did Snitching?

  1. Yeah, you snitched. But you're not a criminal anymore so why does it matter? You don't have to abide by that code of conduct anymore because you're not in the streets. You did what any normal, right doing person would do if someone hurt them and broke the law in the process. It was BOTH snitching AND the right thing to do. You snitched bro. It's okay man, you don't have to explain yourself. "Snitching" is a negative word for something that protects and helps a lot of people. You helped the police bring justice to your situation, and that's okay. You don't have to worry about how that affects a criminal, because you're no longer a criminal.

  2. You did the right thing. If it was street business then yes I’ll consider that snitching. But you are conducting a legitimate business. Gotta handle it a legitimate way.

  3. This is not I repeat NOT snitching. You would of had to break the law yourself and to save yourself you sell him out. This is being responsible and grown. Your a business man now, NO LONGER A CONVICT. if someone is in the streets living that life, then they are a snitch if they want to save themself. I 100% agree with what you did. I served a total of 11 yrs locked up sk trust me I understand. I no longer live that life, you steal from me now that I am the man I am today I will go to the police. Because I cant jeopardize my freedom and my life I built taking care of like I use too.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I believe that you did the right thing by not letting Brian get away with what he did to you and that you are absolutely right if that had been you or me or anyone else who did that the person that would have had that done to them would've done the same thing and pressed charges against you or me or anyone else and I would've pressed charges as well so yeah you absolutely did the right thing

  5. No, that line of thinking belongs in prison and high crime areas (why they're high crime areas in the first place and where u generally find people that has a high tendency for prison dwelling). No Joe, you're past that life. You're doing what a responsible member of society does, and lets the cops deal with criminals. Dealing with criminals on your own only makes YOU a criminal (and they may snitch on you), so here you are headed back to prison after you were victimised. No, you did the right thing, and anybody else who says anything different, have that criminal mentality. The law is what makes the difference between polite society and the jungle. Civil society is a whole lot easier (and has a longer life expectancy) place to live in. These young punks(<35 yrs of age) only think like that. Once you get older, you realize that that life and line of thinking is pure bull$#!t. But many of these selfish hot tempered immature boys win the Darwin award and never make it to BE an O.G.. It's a waste of life and potential. So no Joe, you did the right thing. You did your time, paid your debt. Welcome back to society, and thank you for being a responsible, productive member of this society. You're doing yourself, and everyone else around you, a favor by keeping your nose clean and staying out of trouble. You changed yourself around for the better. Don't mess it up, for people like him. You worked hard to get where you are. Dont let lowlifes take it away from you. It's true. Sometimes it IS harder to do the right thing. But in the end. and the dust clears and more cooler heads prevail, you'll be glad you did the right thing. Not revert to your old ways and end up back in prison. Kicking yourself for letting someone like that get under your skin and you react in a way that just made you lose everything you worked for and be right back, sitting there again. Screw DAT!.

  6. You left the street shit behind you a long time ago now man. You’re married, and doing awesome outreach work providing people with opportunities. I’ve followed this channel since almost the start. It’s one of my favorite things to come out of YouTube ever. It’s incredibly positive, you weren’t out there ripping and running and narcing someone out for no reason , or because you couldn’t handle the’re not a part of the neighborhood watch. You’re no snitch. Just a grown ass man handling his shit and not taking this issue to the streets.

  7. You aren't snitching. Snitching is telling on a friend for something you were also involved with. I'm so glad you got led to the right people. I look forward to this chapter of your life being behind you.

  8. Nah, bruh u ain't living that street life, so u and other law abiding citizens that's trying to live right and make it the legal way don't have to follow street code. I mean at least as far as I know u have never tried to act like u were living that street life or say or act like u are a gangster or some shit, at least since you've had this channel that I know of. Snitching is like I pretty much said if u in the streets or u doin something illegal n 12 pops u n then u try to bring other people down wit u, by "snitching". What u did is handle shit like a honest mature grown man that's trying to help fellow felons, trying to live right and make legal money by running your "business/businesses" or whatever… Now, if I ever did some shit like that then it would be snitching, cuz even though I own succesful businesses I still have a foot in the streets. There is one thing though bruh, u should probably quit selling the OG After Prison Show tee shirts, jus my opinion bruh…

  9. You did your crime, so you served the time.
    Brian committed a crime, so he will serve his time.

    snitching is (in my eyes) when you report something (often false) for the sole purpose of covering your own ass. You are not the bad guy.

  10. This isn't snitching. You're an adult in the business world and when someone steals from you and your family, you tell the police. You don't curb stomp them and land yourself in jail.
    Stop worrying about this stuff and just keep trying to do the next right thing in life.

  11. Yesss that is snitching you could have handled it differently but like what was said civilians that call the police are not snitches amd you lead a different life so I fully support that decision

  12. Dude, it's the * thief * that's the jaggoff here , not you …
    The worst part of this is thiefboy broke trust — and that goes beyond any material loss…
    Sorry man.
    As far as I can see, you don't have to rationalise/justify schitt!!!

  13. No it is not snitching he stole from you . You have a business to run to suport yourself and friends and family . You are no longer in prison. You have turned your life around and are helping others as well

  14. No u weren't snitching because some people need for that to happen to them as a reality check to do better with themselves i know from personal experience of getting into trouble myself n it actually saved me…

  15. Joe,you got to do what's right by you and your business and then together with your wife but you were stolen from basically so you have every legal rights to do what you are doing to this bryan. And it just goes to prove "Don't be a Bryan "

  16. Why are you even rambling all that much about. If he stole your ramen noodles in prison you would have moved your fist into his face. You are now outside you are now a upright citizen. And to a citizen who has been robed… there is the path of filing a police report and put on charges on the dude.

  17. Joe I’m proud of you. There’s a difference from telling on someone for an extra hot dog tray, and a respectable business man going about things in a grown up way. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let the comments from people on here bring you down

  18. Hey Joe it's me Dwayne I want you all the time but you did the right thing but it was still snitching but I know you got a life now and a wife I know you don't have no kids yet but I do and I can understand if you had kids and I know you don't want to go back to prison or jail I hope you all the luck in the world stay safe from this covid-19 and I hope you and all the guys have all the blessings in the world

  19. Joe, take a deep breath hon! Do you really want to open the door for the cops to catch him, then start looking at you as a possible accomplice! Man! Dont give them that opportunity! You are NOT a snitch Joe! You are now a productive member of society!

  20. Joe your exactly right!!!!! Man that's how you put food on the table!! That dude told on himself 4real!! Don't worry bro you did what anyone else would do!!

  21. You’re no longer a prisoner, or a criminal. You are an average joe, joe. That bs has nothing to do with you anymore. You can never grow, and change if you stick to your old ways. 👎🏼

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