Living In A Car After Prison

In this video, Gelico and I get back to what APS is all about. Meeting people and hearing their stories. And hopefully being able to help in some way. Today we meet Derrick who has been living in a car for 3 years after prison. And it’s not just him who’s living in that car.

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Author: Rafael


46 thoughts on “Living In A Car After Prison

  1. This dude is making too much money panhandling. He dont want to work.
    He said making 12/hr cash under table working 35 hours a week wasnt enough. Basically saying if he dont get a job offer making more than $400 a week then he dont want it.. why???
    Bc hes making more than $400 a week panhandling.
    This guy has a lot of excuses.
    I feel bad for the kid. This guy should be grinding and saving every penny to make sure his kid has a home.

  2. My husband got caught trying to steal a t.v from Walmart in Virginia about 13 years ago and they was trying to give him 20 years. Lol. I think he ended up getting 5.

  3. Just doesn’t seem to be telling everything. His wife of both of them have to be using. You don’t stay homeless with all the programs that are out there for ladies. At least that is the case here in WV. This dude has more excuses than anyone I have met and I see people in his situation everyday. Panhandlers make more money than I do as a cook in a restaurant. Just like this dude they drive to their corner or stoplight and park on the other side of the street. All that money is going somewhere(DRUGS).

  4. They keep saying appointments and she is I would almost bet my life in the bed dope sick. I hope not but your boy Gelico seems to eager to hook this dude up. Dude don’t want his lady to drop him off, he wants to be there when she scores that hit or that dope for the day. If I am wrong I truly apologize but without a supervised drug screen from both I would refuse to help. Everyone says you aren’t no PO and that’s true but your supporters don’t want to pay for his dope habits.

  5. This dudes mannerisms, especially while drinking that coffee and smoking tells me hes still an addict. When his ma will buy a car for him but wont let him stay screams trouble. Hopefully he gets the trade and moves forward.

  6. The man, Derek really makes a TON of excuses… I [Derek] cannot work a job because I can't wait 2 weeks to get a pay check I'd rather take my chances and not make any money panhandling?…. does that make any sense to anybody? It honestly sounds like this dude Derek doesn't want to work and has gotten use to getting free handouts. His wife could literally drop him off at work and then take care of what she needs to do but "he can't wait 2 weeks for a paycheck" so that will not work. It truly sounds like Derek has some jealousy issues or something.

  7. My boi Derek is Actually a good dude.HE WORKS HARD AF.HES LOYAL AS HELL.when i lived in va he was my boi.Shit happens people fuck up but my boi derek is a good dude.he looks a little suprised in this interview.I have offered him a place here in cali..he truely wants to make it on his own..TIME WILL TELL DEREK..STAY CLEAN STAY POSITIVE GHEE..i cant believe i found this shit randomly.

  8. These mfkrs are fked up they put my man video out and didnt help him at all..jelico and this mf didnt do anything to help my boi out i just talked to him we will be doing an update soon

  9. He seems like he has nothing but excuses… 2 grown adults that are able bodied and you can't manage to pay for a place to live???? Seems pretty fishy…

  10. hey Joe. Im a huge fan. "i need money everyday" LOL. i know he didnt just day that. ive talked to this guy before at Lowes. he sits outside with his dog in a folding chair and she's{his wife} in the truck. we offered him a FULL days work and he told me this…"there's NO WAY i'd go work with you because i can sit here for three hours or less and i'll make 300 dollars." he's a liar man. and he switches up locations so if you want see for yourself and you live in the hampton roads area just keep a lookout at the entrances to Lowes. you'll see him and his dog. i hate to be the one to call him out but there are so many people who really need the help and for this guy to be out here just to get high…smh. anyway…keep up the good work Joe. and hey Gelico…whats up man.

  11. i was just doing some figuring..he told me he sits up at Lowes 3 days a week so as not to overdo it. he doesnt leave until he gets 300 dollars. so 300 dollars times 3..thats 900 dollars a week. 3600 a month. thats 43,200 a year JUST from Lowes. the other days of the week{ 4 days} he said he sits at a few other places..this guys making a fortune begging. ask him how much he makes "pandhandling" as you call it. ii call it begging.

  12. Sorry, I'm just a ittle weary of people who start out explaining that they're down and out because they were too nice, and other people took advantage..Everyone else was doing the drugs, just not him, sure… couldn't look in your direction once while spinning this yarn

  13. These mofos always with the excuses…. If you’re living in your car, why are you keeping pets and having kids? TF is wrong with you? This guy is a bum and always will be, because he has no ambition to be anything but. After you’ve heard the same damn sob story a thousand times, it begins to be a lot less plausible plausible that “the whole world is just against me”.

  14. I know I'm from the future and all but gelico is just going a thousand miles per second. How was it not obvious as all hell. Not to mention literally every single person gelico tries to pull into aps is a dope fiend.

  15. Gellico, is coming up with every excuse possible for this dude, plus this Derrick dude has nothing but excuses. It's insane that Gellico is helping him with excuses. It's annoying the shit outta me. It really feels like gellico and this dude was hoping joe would just give him some cash. I'm confident that's why this dude even met up with Joe in the first place. Gellico was probably telling him he'll probably give you cash.

  16. Not to be mean but that guy is a piece of lazy shit. No one believes your bs. I feel terrible for that baby and hopes it gets put up for adoption. My man won't prioritize his baby that's on the way and that's crazy. He's lazy and I hope the baby makes it in that freezing car at night.

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