Locked Up For Spending Money In YOUR OWN ACCOUNT

I ran across this story and this is crazy. This was a regular normal person who found that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which ended in their own account and NOW THEY ARE LOCKED UP!!! Let me know what you would have done in this situation.

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44 thoughts on “Locked Up For Spending Money In YOUR OWN ACCOUNT

  1. Ay Joe i heard about that news. They got back 75% of the $. She got a nice ride out of it though. That’s some luck man. Could you imagine waking up and seeing that $ in ur checking account? Wow. I honestly do not blame her. I would have done the same thing.

  2. I had $92k deposited into my bank account by accident once. I completely ignored it and the bank fixed it within a day. I'm not stupid like this lady, of course you're going to get nailed and go to jail.

  3. Good story..but still I like em long and drawn out, Joe. Lol.

    Messed up though. In many cases(banks and such- as long as it's under a certain amount, have to give your the money the mistakes been made with — not in ALL, but in many cases… Some cases.places have to (like if u go to a store and they refund your vard.more than they meant to, and other such strange, mishaps where they're in the wrong). At any rate, she shouldn't be in prison. Jail, MAYBE (idk the full disclosure of the story)…Prison no, and she should only have to pay back a portion, including getting rid of (not every thing), but anything extravagant should be returned(house, car, jewelry)..Miss Spietdoni should be help accountable to an extent, but the mistake made by the people themselves, are the ones that should be punished, fired, and fined hard.

  4. Of course she’s going to jail. She’s a black woman living in America, unfortunately. The one who made the mistake should at the very least be fired. They should make that person come up with the rest of the money.

  5. What if she cash out the money, buried in some place and then make out like someone stole the money from her? But she has to do all that before they start asking for the money lol

  6. I woulda thrown it all in the stock market. Because even if they manage to get it all back they wouldnt be able to undo the butterfly effect that much money in the stock market dumped at one time would have. Id lose but other people would gain. Coordinate fast and capitalize.

  7. When you’re not that wealthy, it’s going to be very hard to claim that you thought the money was legitimate. When you immediately move the money to another account, it’s going to be very hard to claim that you thought it was legitimate. I just hope it would be easier to tell a bank that they overpaid you than it was for a California attorney to tell the IRS that they refunded too much money (saw the story on Lehto’s Law).

  8. There was a bloke that had 5 grand in his prison account and the screws kept asking where the fuck did you get that from,it was obviously outside drug money but they couldn’t stop asking questions and he always had awesome buy ups he even bought a dildo

  9. I had this happen to a close friend of mine around 14 years ago, the account was blocked super quick though. She shouldnt end up in prison, thats just wrong, but banks rule the world and even more in the USA I guess. PPL sit in prison for years for drug charges, most of which are legal by now, the ppl still serve their time. While corporations who released toxic garbage into the environment and made whole towns sick or even get cancer get a slap on the hand and some minor payments to the victims. I always say, if you thought the law is there to protect the people, think again.

  10. Yet another freakin' B-B-B-BANGER from the amazing Joseph P. Guerrero YO! Love your shit Joe! Been watching since the hotel days!!! Congrats on how far you really have came! Cheers my man from Canada!!! I hope you and your fam stay safe! PEACE!

  11. that's what swiss banks are for. You need to leave the country for a bit to somewhere….non-extradition :D…might be kinda hard with the 'rona right now.

  12. You pay your bank to secure your money. Someone other than you accesses your account and takes your money. Bank says, sucks for you. Bank employee messes up and deposits money. You spend it. Bank says give it back or go to prison. Be your own banker and broker.

  13. I ordered some jeep parts on Amazon and they messed up and sent me extra parts well I needed them for my other jeep and I used them am I going to prison now lol

  14. I was paying my mom's bills one day and I accidentally put in 2k instead of the amount she owed (I was used to clicking the top button which usually was the minimum balance lol). We called them before the due date and they told us it would take my mom 1 month before they would return the money! And even then, they didn't return all of it! She should keep that money! It wasn't her error that caused it so take it from whomever dropped the ball!

  15. She intended to steal by moving the money to another account knowing it's not here money and she spent it. Return the money! !

  16. The issue with the utility argument is, adding an extra 0 to $82 is $820. I would argue that a mistake like that is unlikely human error and was intentionally put there hoping spadoni would spend the money in order to further the companys exposure. How many mfs are hoping it happens to them giving this organization their money.

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