One Of The Craziest Guys I Knew In Prison

In this video, I want to introduce you to a guy I knew in prison named Griff. Who is also, one of the craziest guys I knew as well. Griff has been home now for a little more than the 4 years I’ve been home for. But his 4 years after prison have been completely different than mine. And that all starts and ends with the choices he has and still continues to make. Hope you enjoy.

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38 thoughts on “One Of The Craziest Guys I Knew In Prison

  1. Hey griff u seem like a real ass dude everybody has problems and addictions and at least your honest about it.. People can learn from your honesty and so can u bro… U said new release date 10 months ago.. I hope these last 10 months have been good hopefully the next 10 are better.. Keep your head up man stay focused.. I'll pray for u man

  2. Unfortunatly man methadone is a trap and destroys ppls body’s so bad. Get on suboxone for a year or two or do it with nothing. I am very grateful I never got on methadone that shit is such a trap.

  3. This guy will always be a nobody it's really sad…I'm surprised he isn't already back in prison stole money out of children's piggy banks hell he prolly stole that scooter and wrecked it too disguise this what a fool … get a job pay all the money back and straighten up your life

  4. DAMN BRO ; dude understand his wrongs & flaws .. Man if only he gets a lil help , i don’t care MONEY , COUNCIL : he almost where he wanna be !!

  5. If dude gets on methadone and gets on the dose (mgrs) that holds him till his next dose, he would be able to do better..
    I know, I've been there and it works if you get on the dose that holds till you dose again bc being on the right dose
    "The right dose veries for everyone..
    The dose that holds me may not hold the next person" and is tired of living like that it really helps..

  6. He's hurting because he lost a son. As a dad myself, I cannot comprehend the pain he feels. I have no negative judgement or opinion of him. Because I don't know how I would handle it.
    It seems coming to terms with the death of his son – however that can be achieved – is the key for this man to better himself. I wish him luck.

  7. GRIFF I feel you bro .. I’m 40 Years old also and my life is similar to yours and I can tell you the only way your going to get peace in your life is by 2 things
    # 1 God
    # 2. Consistency

    That’s what god me on the right track .. God Bless Brother !

  8. My heart goes out to griff!!! Much love and respect! He is purely honest about addiction gives no bullshit or makes excuses!!!! Prayers to him!!! 💜

  9. Griff man…you just need to make a decision. Obviously you need to get medicated cuz you’re too weak to quit dope. It’s literally Impossible for some people so what the fuck ever. Accept that. Get yourself on the suboxone not the methadone either. Methadone is killin time till you got the money for dope. Fuck that. Get the suboxone and get yourself leveled out. Within a year or six months things will improve youl get focused instead of this rollercoaster of unreliability and nonsense. Orrrrrr sack up and quit dope quit drugs and I mean alllllll drugs quit your druggie friends quit fucking punishing yourself and start rewarding yourself with a life bro. What in the actual fuck. Bro I been to all the places you have but i got my own place I held jobs for ten years even when I actually was on dope….I was at fukn work. You need to be getting busy working as many hours as you can and start placing yourself in situations around people who are productive and successful. If you’re willing to be this honest with joe and the whole internet….you can ask another dude at work for the opportunity to go on a fishing trip or whatever. You honestly think people won’t take you in when you reach out to them? Cuz they will. But you gotta get your shit straight. Nobody wants to watch you nodding off and hold your hand on the way down. Time to cowboy up and do shit. Do shit alone if ya got to. I’m busy a/f and I hardly sleep. I got a bow. I hunt deer. That’s a lot of work year round w the type of hunting I’m doin. Firewood for the grandparents every year. That’s another long term responsibility and again, another building block. For real man. Snap out of it. You can’t just call out to joe for help, man you have to do it. People will step up and help you when they see you’re actually trying….not just talking about it.

  10. Griff is completely honest addicts generally lie but he is honest about himself and I really hope you end up being able to help this guy!! The struggle is real!!

  11. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO OUT LIVE THEIR CHILD !! I am a recovering heroin addict and alot of mine stems from grief and alot of horrific situations I have been forced to go through it definitely makes you hate yourself

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