Parking Wars: Just The Ticket | A&E

You know they’ve got you when you find a ticket tucked under your windshield!

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Author: Rafael


47 thoughts on “Parking Wars: Just The Ticket | A&E

  1. The last part of this clip, why didn't they call law enforcement and ask him why he told him that and what he told him….And as much as they give to the PPA they can't fix their meters, no they don't care…. Morons, I agree with it sometimes, but please get your facts straight, oh and when the PPA stops to write a ticket from thier cars? they are braking the law as well citizens arresst..

  2. If that woman has that much of a problem walking maybe she should get one of those scooters or a wheelchair. She got a ticket for a parking issue and she has to pay it .

  3. the government just always finds the way to take money from the people. let's make more ways to take people's money. and make it more difficult for people to park.

  4. sería importante que sean dobladas en español y así poder cargarlas en las redes y todo el Perú lo vea. Y aprendan a poner multas los Policías.

  5. people get so pissed off when they get a ticket, its simple, don't go over your meter time, watch parking rules, and you wont find yourself in this situation, simple.

  6. I know its not rocket science. I don't need to use google because as I said, my buddy showed me his pay check. $16.04 an hour. Actually he just got a raise to about $16.50.

    It makes me happy that all you do is resort to personal attacks rather than showing any kind of evidence whatsoever. Keep it up man 😉

  7. People tend to act so immature. A parking enforcement officer does not just cite you for no specific reason, he is citing because you are violating codes/regulations. Most of these people need to learn how to take responsibility and start reading signs more carefully.

  8. By the way, here's an actually link with rates of how much they're actually paid, even though you who made the initial claim that they get paid on commission didn't provide any proof aside from basically saying everyone but you is stupid. Go ahead, press ctrl+f and search the word "commission". Have at it bud 😛 salarybox. com/salary.php?state=NY&id=3640&year=2010

  9. YTardsmustdie is right. Where's your proof? 😛 If you're gonna make the claim you have the burden of proof. That means YOU need to provide the proof. If you respond to the request for proof with, "Wow dude…" that makes you a troll by definition.

    On the other hand I think I'd like to live in your world for at least 10 minutes. I don't think I'd get much done, but at the same time I don't think I'd care 😛

  10. You keep saying how much of a "fool" everyone is for being wrong yet you don't offer any proof or explanation before swearing them off. You smell like a troll to me. How's your mother's basement? Getting lots of parking tickets down there? 😛

  11. Whatever makes you feel better man. My buddy is a meter maid in New York. He showed me his pay check. $16.04 an hour. If you don't believe me, why don't you back up your original claim that they get paid commission with some actual proof rather than just being a mad little troll 😉

    I'll just continue to read traffic signs and only park where I'm allowed as I normally do 😀

  12. I don't know what planet you live on but these parking officials get an hourly wage just like everyone else and that's it. I know I don't worry about getting parking tickets and there's a reason for that. I pay attention and don't park illegally 😉

  13. So are you going to prove what you claim, or are you going to continue to look stupid. Ummmm, I drive, but I don't park illegal like you when you take your mom to her appointments. I bet your mom was like, "hey dumbass, don't park here, there is a sign right there…" and you parked there anyway and got cited. And NOW your all butthurt….Until you can prove they work on commission, GO THE FUCK AWAY!!

  14. answersDOTyahooDOTcom/question/index?qid=20080807165605AA7J0uI


    None say they work on commission….I just realized I am your only human contact. And I just proved you wrong….


  15. Anyone with a bit of common sense would have proven it by now..SMH. If you have so much knowledge of google, and it's so common, why don't you post it? I'm not agruing I am waiting for you to post it. Until then…..stop embarrassing yourself.

  16. OK, I still doubt they work with ANY type of commission. Cops don't work on commission, so I doubt these guys do. BUT you claim they do. SO PROVE IT OR STFU!!

  17. your the one claiming they work on commission….so YOU show proof they do. Don't be mad b/c you got a ticket for doing something wrong……idiot….

  18. FYI if there were no meters best believe the city, county or government us gonna make revenue some way and if it says tow away zone HELLO your shit gonna get towed DUMMY!!! You're grown you have a car take responsibility pay the meter and park correctly DUH it's that simple then you won't be talking shit cause your ass won't be getting tickets!!!!

  19. i bet you are one of those fucking idiots that i see on this show that don't know how to read the signs. you are, aren't you? haha

  20. the gov and the loser ass parking cops are so FUCKING ANNOYING. They have to find a way to make money off us 24/7. SMDH….let the people park where the fuck they want to ass long they not in the middle of fuckin traffic or some shit. dumb ass mfs

  21. @hithereal Exactly, yet for some reason it's hard for people to learn these simple rules. You'd think they teach this stuff at driver's education classes. Even my teacher put so much pressure on signs and parking. lol Amazing not many would read them, or would bother asking

  22. @Mika20

    Some people never learn, they think that they can park anywhere they want to and not pay the meter or park in a no parking zone and then blame the ticketer because they didn't put money in the meter or didn't come back before it expired or parked in a no parking zone. Simple fact is if people just put money in meter and get back before time expires and read the signs, they won't get a ticket

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